Col “Hard” Fax

Spartan Run at Col Hard Fax

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Col Hard Fax 1/31/22 PAX- Byrider, Pitino, Cottontail (QIC)   Took this idea from a workout on great source for many simple workout ideas.  Don't worry, for those of you that missed it, this one will be returning to a future Col Hard Fax and/or Blue Line   Warm-a-rama SSH- x20IC Abe Vigoda- x10IC


CHF Wall Work w/ Hillbilly-Tyson 11s

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Cold Hard Fax:  January 10, 2022 @ 5:30 am Six men showed up to get better. Possum was on Q, taking the PAX through a variety of wall work and Mike Tyson/Hillbilly Squat 11s. YHC made the neophyte mistake of letting Pitino call Homer-Marges in the Mary to the pain and disdain of the PAX.


#GobblerChallenge at Col Hard Fax 11/29/2021

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Post Thanksgiving Q that was delayed from convergence week. Getting to the AO at 5:20, it was just me. A bit worried that YHC may be alone, but then I saw a familiar truck rolling in. Sacked was joining me- honored to have such a HIM join me. (of course, he was just scouting as


Musical Mystery Tour @ Blueline

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Introduction The Q was greeted by the shining smiles of Cotton Tail and Pitino when he arrived at the AO. The F3 Introduction was delivered with unparalleled precision, and after some chit-chat, we got after it. Warm-A-Rama consisted of starting the Thang. The Thang consisted of 3 musical AMRAPs. The Merkarena consists of a Plank-Jack


It’s Just Another Merkin Monday…

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Date:  11/8/21 Workout:  Col Hard Fax Pax:  Possum, Cottontail, The Situation, Bartman, Byrider, Hoosier, Udders (YHC) On a cold November morning 7 Southern Virginia Pax got better at the premier Natville workout on the "fringe" of Natville:  Col Hard Fax It went down something like this... F3 Mission Statement and Disclaimer Pledge of Allegiance at


Block Party & Sidewalk Chalk

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Col Hard Fax Saturday, December 23, 2017 0530-0615 36.108001, -80.006704 61 °F, 89% humidity The Pax Kilowatt, Black Swan, Byrider, Pitino, Daughtry, Magnus, Bartman, Tommy Boy Q Tommy Boy After a welcome reminder from Site Q, Byrider, (tclaps, 'cause YHC forgot to update the ol' Steve calendar) the truck was fueled up, passport updated, and


The Number 13

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Date:  6/28/21 Workout:  Col Hard Fax Pax:  The Situation, Surge (Respect!), EPA, Rocky Mountain High (FNG - Jake Bachmann), Pitino, Byrider, Polo, Tent City, Udders (YHC) On a pleasant late June morning 8 pax joined YHC at Natville's favorite Monday outpost:  Col Hard Fax! YHC received a text yesterday from site Q Byrider that Surge


COLD AND Hard that’s the fact!

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Woke on Sunday night to make sure I got to CHF on time for Monday's beatdown.  Got nervous on my trip to the west coast that one of my exercises was not going to be accomplished.  Got there 20 minutes early and my concern was validated (at least for my ability) .  If you cant


Rain rain go away

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March 1, 2021   Funny how things work, I just remarked about making it a month without having to get gas in the F3 vehicle...and then I learned I was Q at CHF Monday morning. What to do...what to do? No BURPEES, MERKINS, or SQUATS. No PLANKJACKS, HILLBILLIES, or MONKEY HUMPERS....well let's not get too

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