Closing Time

B is for beatdown

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The Q had the privilege of leading twenty-eight studs at Closing Time. He promised them a classic beatdown. He delivered. Warm Up Mosey to the parking lot in front of the Red Gate at Country Park. Side-Straddle-Hop [20 In Cadence] Toy Soldier [20 In Cadence] The Thang Instruction: Starting at the Intersection of the Red


No Blues at Closing Time – #BB 04/15/2021

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A.O.: Closing Time Date: April 15, 2021 Time: 1900 - 1945 Location: Jaycee Park PAX: Phanatic, Windmill (Respect!), Expired (Respect!), Schnitzel (Respect!), Renaissance (Respect!), The King, Gridlock (Respect!), Flat Rate (Respect!), Chernobyl (Respect!), Stryker, Mud Flap (Respect!), Udders, Cinco, Fletch (Respect!), Egg Plant (Respect!), Former FNG Sam now Spartan, Former FNG David now Ueker, Patch,


4 – Man Bobsled Rolls at Closing Time

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PAX: Mudflap, Tiger, Nails, Stryker, Windmill, Flat Rate, Apollo, Waterboy, MacGyver, Poehler, Schnitzel, Hush Money, Steel Curtain (FNG - Thomas Marasco), Phanatic, Tommy Boy, Expired, Cloud Striker, Cliffhanger, Humphrey Bogart, Eggplant, QIC - Sacked 21 PAX including YHC showed up on a nice 45 degree evening to take in a Closing Time beatdown. With a


Air Raids @ Closing Time

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Closing Time Thursday, January 21, 2021 1900-1945 36.119166, -79.834265 47 °F, 69% humidity Pax Creekside, Hey Guy, Windmill (RESPECT!), Schnitzel (RESPECT!), Out Of Service, Expired (RESPECT!), Sheldon, Brian Gastineau (FNG- Soft Spot), Splash, Simone, Phanatic, Apollo, Eggplant (RESPECT!), Mudflap (RESPECT!), Valet, Socrates, Tommy Boy QiC Tommy Boy There was yet another rowdy crowd fired up


Well Lit

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Date: 1/14/2021 Workout: Closing Time Location: Jaycee Park Pax: Windmill (Respect), Kevin (Respect), Deltora, Egg Plant (Respect), Sheldon, Hey Guy, Squrd (Villier/Valet 2.0), Valet, Flat Rate, Wingman, Apollo, Xerox (Respect), Tommy Boy, Viagra (Respect), Deuce, Socrates, Creekside, Striker, Mudflap (Respect), Cliff Hanger, Bogart, MacGyver, Rabbit (Respect), Patch (Q) Little chill this evening but not bad.


Welcome to the Pax Creekside!

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Date: 12/3/2020 Workout: Closing Time Location: Jaycee Park Pax: Windmill (Respect), Stryker, Mudflap (Respect), Gridlock (Respect), The King, Ratatouille (Respect), Rabbit (Respect), Flat Rate (Respect), Socrates, Creekside (Jackson Cundall FNG), Expired (Respect), Valet, Phanatic, Apollo, Patch (QIC) Little chilly but not awful for the workout. Mission Statement was given.  Modify as necessary. Lots of comments


We Don’t Need No Stinking Forecast!

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Closing Time Thursday, November 12, 2020 1900-1945 36.119399, -79.834693 60 °F,  98% humidity Pax Schnitzel, Swank, Fletch, Apollo, Slide Rule, Patch, Striker, Flat Rate, Ratatouille, Hey Guy, Eggplant, Tommy Boy QiC Tommy Boy It has become apparent to YHC that we need to start EHing more weatherman. Why? Well, in hopes that they learn a


Party Time @ Closing Time

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Closing Time Thursday, October 22, 2020 1900-1945 36.132175, -79.880630 73 °F,  80% humidity Pax Gridlock (RESPECT & Happy Birthday!), Mudflap (RESPECT!), Flat Rate (RESPECT!), Patch, Windmill (RESPECT!), Magellan, Michelin Man, Schnitzel (RESPECT!), The King, Egg Plant (RESPECT!), Expired (RESPECT!), Apollo, Tommy Boy QiC Tommy Boy When Poehler asks for you to cover his six, you


Death to Bunnies

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Closing Time Thursday, September 24, 2020 1900-1945 36.119172, -79.834498 61 °F, 100% humidity Pax Flat Rate (RESPECT!), Patch, Valet, Trombone, Mud Flap (RESPECT!), Flo, Spurrier, Bruce Lee, Windmill (RESPECT!), Mile High (F3 Denver), Apollo, The King, Tommy Boy QiC Tommy Boy The rain didn't let up on Closing Time and the Pax didn't let up


The Great Escape

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Date: 01/09/2020 Workout: Closing Time Location: Jaycee Park Pax: Expired (Respect), Non de Plume, Flat Rate (Respect), Xerox (Respect), Windmill (Respect), Office Max (Respect), Schnitzel (Respect), Magellan, The King, Michelin Man, Gridlock (Respect), Daisy, Wookiee, Tommy Boy, Slide Rule (Respect), Mudflap (Respect), Sheldon, Renaissance (Respect), Short Track (Respect), Patch Mission Statement and Disclaimer Warm A

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