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CIRCLE TIME 4-11-2022

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DATE: 4-11-2022 21 PAX: Long Time, Weed, DQ, Xerox, Hoosier, Ricola, JR, Huffy, Etch-A-Sketch, Red Dragon, Bodett, Double Check, Amicus, Jayhawk, Geppetto, Untouchable, TPS, Schnitzel, Drizzle, Airball, Sacked - QIC On a perfect early Spring morning 17 Boot Campers and 4 Splinter dudes descended on the Circle Time AO for their DRP. With everyone ready


CircleTime 3/7/22 – Birthday Bash Replication

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Following in an unspoken tradition among some of Natville, I grabbed the Q on YHC's birthday. Being the same location of YHC's 40th birthday Q, I reran that workout somewhat. Sorry TPS & Matlock -two of the unfortunate souls that were at both. Pax: Geppetto, Sacked, TPS, Jitterbug, Ricola, Gerkin, Buck, JR, Matlock, DQ, Slumlord,


12 Days of Christmas

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F3 Greensboro - Circle Time December 12, 2021 Twelve Days of Christmas Beatdown PAX - Sacked, Xerox, Schnitzel, Canary, AirBall, Pity, Steely Dan, DQ, Goku (2.0), JR, Stick Shift, Jitterbug, TPS QIC - TPS 12 Days of Christmas inspired workout 1 - Burpee 2 - Mike Tyson 3 - Imperial Walker 4 - Wojo Squats


Bucket Tour Disaster

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Date: 10/18/2021 Workout: Circle Time Location: Jesse Wharton Elementary Pax: Gepetto, ABC (Respect), Amicus, Jitterbug (Respect), Airball, Untouchable, Longtime, DQ, Red Dragon, Patch (Q) Setup The night before the printer was out of ink so YHC couldn’t print out instructions and slips of paper with the exercises on them. Sooo, it being late YHC turned


No Rain at Circle Time

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August 16, 2021: Circle Time 18 PAX: Spackler, Drizzle, TJ Hooker, JR, Radiator, Untouchable, Aquaman, Dr. Quinn, Socrates, Canary, Wicked, Red Dragon, Bones, Double Check, Bodett, Blanche, Jitterbug, Sacked - QIC On a perfect Monday morning with 98% humidity and the rain holding off 18 PAX took their DRP at Circle Time. A couple of


Circle Time BB

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Circle Time BB. 19 pax including two FNG's, Gepetto and Dr. Quinn, braved the gloom. Pretty normal warm up, followed by 3 rounds of an EMOM with everyone's favorite, reverse burpees. After that, we visited the wall for another abs EMOM. As Socrates was the Q leader, there wasn't much running. I am fairly certain


Ode to Omaha – CircleTime 06/21/21

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CircleTime 6/21/21 Thanks to Jingles, YHC was able to keep the streak alive of Q'ing the workout closest to the summer solstice for 5 straight years. However, this year a change was in place. We would not travel to the marina or climb the hills. The plan was to stay on campus and use the


Spooky Beatdown In Closing Time Gloom

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Date: Thursday, May 20, 2021 AO: Closing Time Time: 1900 – 1945 Weather: 80°F, 49% R.H., passing clouds   PAX (14): Windmill (RESPECT!), Mudflap (RESPECT!), Hey Guy, Knuckles (RESPECT!), Spartans, The King, Apollo, Michelin Man, Schnitzel (RESPECT!), former FNG-Dortmund, Flat Rate (RESPECT!), Gridlock (RESPECT!), Eggplant (RESPECT!), Saban QIC: Saban   YHC was excited to Q


Murph 2021

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May 31, 2021 YHC arrived in the lot at CT right around 5:10am knowing a few faithful pax might not have read the Shenanigans or remember it was Memorial Day. True to form, Weed and Socrates joined me and I advised them of their respective choices. They opted for a Socrates ‘Tabitha’...aka tabata for the

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