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Loaded Dice

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January 13, 2020   PAX in order of appearance… JR, XEROX, the Red Dragon, AirBall, Spackler, Drizzle, Magic Dragon, Crockett, Hall Pass, Amphibious, TPS SPLINTER SPLASHERS – XEROX and JR – 7 plus miles. QIC – TPS   YHC was in a quandary last night when I learned via the pre-blast I was expected to


Bringing the Pain

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Date:  10/21/19 Workout:  Circle Time Pax:  Air Ball, Spackler (Respect!), Drizzle (Respect!), Matlock (Respect!), See Thru, Xerox (Respect!), Bodett, Amphibious, Red Dragon, TPS, Udders (YHC) On a pleasant October morning 10 fellow pax joined YHC in whipping the fartsack to get better at Circle Time!  It went down something like this... Warmerama F3 Disclaimer &


Broga Broga Broga

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Backblast – 9/17 – Circle Time   Fortunately C-thru, being the great AO site director that he is, pre-blasted that I was Q’ing at Circle Time…..which was timely as I was in the midst of a extremely busy call weekend and had forgotten I had signed up several months prior….. As I was still nursing


Check your calendar

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September 9, 2019   Reminded thankfully by site coordinator See-Thru via Twitter that YHC was on the Q for Monday morning. Can’t believe I was signed up for 3 Q’s in 4 days. Definitely need a better F3 secretary. #INDEED.  So I was totally planning on doing something for 9/9, but was dissuaded by my


Ethereal Music

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Location: Circle Time   Date: August 5, 2019.   Time: 0530   Conditions: 69F, otherwise as expected for a Monday morning in the gloom.   PAX (Count 15): Air Ball, Bones, Happy Gilmore (FNG), Hush Puppy, Long Time, Steely Dan, TPS, Crockett (Respect), Drizzle (Respect), Everest (Respect), Huffy (Respect), Jitter Bug (Respect), Sacked (Respect), Spackler


Things got a lit’l X-rated in Natville

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One of the most important things we can do to build a community to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership, is to honor the High Impact Men amongst us. One such quinquagenarian (A person between 50 and 59) well on his way to becoming a sexagenarian (a person between


TPS’s favorite workout at Circletime!

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July 1, 2019 Some 3.5 years ago, I was tired of tripping over other pax members at Latham Grinder. It was dark and there was clearly a DRTF. This inspired me to find a new AO. With the multitude of pax members in the northern end of the county (Wicked, Yeti, TPS, Sacked, and many


CT Dissenting Opinion QIC

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July 1, 2019 QIC Bodett PAX. AB, Amphib...(he didn’t stay around to get full name in BB), Bodett, Earhart, Foot Fairy, Jingles, Jitterbug, JR, Maradona, My Pleasure, RD, Sacked, SeeThru, Snowflake, Steely Dan, The Saint, TPS, Wicked and Xerox. YHC although not the QIC, YHC is writing this dissenting opinion ( ) as a matter


Promise Made, Promise Kept

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Date:  6/24/19 Workout:  Circle Time Pax:  3 for 1, Jitterbug (Respect!), Tommy Boy, Wicked, See Thru, Drizzle (Respect!), Poehler, Radiator (Respect!), Xerox (Respect!), Stick Shift, Bedbug, Huffy (Respect!), Sacked (Respect!), JR, Bob the Builder, Dirty Laundry (Respect!), Udders (YHC) On a pleasant June morning 16 fellow pax beat the fartsack to join YHC at the


F3Dues Paid in Full

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  6/3/2019 #BODETT was in attendance. This morning started like any other 4:20 alarm, arrive at jesse wharton at 4:45 set up for the Q before 4:56 mini-murph. a subtle crisp-ness was in the air at 60 degrees. a nice change from the 70 degree swampfest of the previous week. Drizzle joined me in the

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