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Who’s the Q?

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Date:  6/4/19 Workout:  Cadet Lab Pax:  Cottontail, Daughtry, Elaine, Matlock, Bodett, JR, EPA, Pitino, Magician, Botox, Spicoli, Udders (YHC) On a nice June morning 11 fellow pax joined YHC at Oak Ridge Town Park.  YHC showed up ready for a Daughtry Q (that's what Tommy Boy had tweeted out) but was confused when Cottontail tweeted out


Cadet Lab Cardio and a bit of exercises too

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Cadet Lab (4/30/19) PAX:  Udders, Double Check, Magician, Pitino, Convey, Snow Bird, Naked Gun, Magnus, EPA, Cottontail, Daughtry,              Sneakers, Misfire(QIC) WAR:  SSH, Windmills, Leg Stretch, String Rippers, Calf Raises, Sun Gods, Chinooks Thang: Mosey around the football field to the playground.  Being the 30th of the month, all exercises


Suns Out, Guns Out at Cadet Lab

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Date:  4/23/19 Workout:  Cadet Lab Pax:  Byrider, Catamount, Cottontail, Polo, Sneakers, Stubing, Udders (YHC) On a cool but not cold April morning 6 fellow pax whipped the spring break fartsack to join YHC for the premier Tuesday boot camp outside the city limits of Natville:  Cadet Lab!  YHC rolled in at his customary time (between


Something Borrowed

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Date:  4/2/19 Workout:  Cadet Lab Pax:  INXS, Daughtry, Pitino, ESL, Cottontail, Nails (Respect!), Double Check, Stubing, Misfire, Spurrier, Sneakers, Udders (YHC) On a cold April morning 11 fellow pax journeyed to the wilds of NW Guilford County to join YHC at the premier Tuesday AO outside the city limits of Greensboro/Natville (Cadet Lab)!  Site Q


Might as well JUMP!

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F3 Greensboro: Cadet Lab – Oak Ridge, NC 03/26/2019 PAX:  Daughtry, Polo, JR, Pitino, Spurrier Q: Spurrier Today’s Cadet Lab theme was “Cardio” as we started promptly and finished just before 0615 with little to no breaks in between.  Keeping the heart rate elevated was the mission, and in the end this PAX of 5


Warm Bricks and Hard Work

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AO-Cadet Lab 3/5/19 PAX: Cottontail, Daughtry, Spurrier, Doublecheck, Polo, Misfire, Harbaugh, Pitino, Bulldog, Byrider (Q)   Warm, SSH until slightly late PAX member arrived, Windmill, Sungods, String Rippers, Mosey for 1 lap around parking lot   Thang 2 Man Grinder with bricks.....Partner one run 50 yards and did 3 burpees then ran back to relieve


Counting ’em up at Cadet Lab

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Cadet Lab- 2/26/19 PAX- EPA, Sneakers, Bulldog, Convoy, Snowbird, Misfire, Byrider, ESL, Spurrier, Cottontail (QIC) Really appreciated the dry weather this morning.  After the last few weeks, even 30 degrees is awesome when it's dry. With a PAX of salty vets, dispensed the mission statement and usual disclaimer and recognized that I've somehow acquired the


Dice Dice Baby

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Date:  2/19/19 Workout:  Cadet Lab Pax:  Nails (Respect!), Cottontail, Bulldog, ESL, Misfire, INXS, Pitino, Udders (YHC) On a cold February morning 7 fellow pax beat the fartsack to join YHC at the premier Tuesday AO in the "country":  Cadet Lab!  YHC was excited to return to Cadet Lab to lead.  It went down something like


No excuses, not even rain

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Weather: 40C, misty rain, wet from raining all last night. Its days like this that makes me want to stay in my warm bed and call it a fartsack. But this morning I have Q and I know PAX are counting on me to lead. Soon as YHC arrived at the covered walkway of Oak


Reliving Old Memories (nightmares) at Cadet Lab

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Cadet Lab – Tuesday 02/05/2019, Oak Ridge Town Park   PAX:  Convoy, Bulldog, Sneakers, Snowbird, Polo, Double Check, Nails, Byrider, Pitino, Misfire, Spurrier (QIC)   On an unusually mild February morning, the gloom gave birth to a PAX of 11 at Cadet Lab in Oak Ridge, NC.  This week marks YHC’s 3rd anniversary with F3,

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