Block Party

Captain Insano’s Revenge @ the Blue Plate

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It was a cool 80 degrees when yours truly strode into the AO. The poor unsuspecting Pax arrived in good spirits. The Q gave the classic F3 introduction and put the B.O.G. to work. W.A.R. HUG THYSELF TWIST MONSTER LEG CIRCLES STANDING ROLL OUT (touch your toes and rag doll yourself back to an upright


Another Olympic Workout

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Date: Tuesday, August 3, 2021 AO: Arise Time: 0530 – 0615 Weather: 70°F, 70% R.H., cloudy   PAX (12): Icarus, Ozone, Root, Flo Jo, Pacer (RESPECT!), Thurmanator (RESPECT!), Ricardo, Huggies, Golden Corral, Nancy, Saban QIC: Saban   12 men endured an Olympic inspired beatdown, wherein most exercises paid homage to Olympic sports/events.  YHC had a



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Sweat Angel Thursday, July 9, 2020    PAX: Bushwood, Nutmeg (Respect!), Mall Cop, Utters, Eggplant (Respect!), Patch and a few unknown Splinter Ruckers who disapeared into the night before we got started. QiC Hallpass  The morning started with a solo EC run by Mallcop. Future reference: Mallcop likes to have company out in the park


Natty's Hump Block Party Backblast 05/13/15

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When: 05/13/15 QIC: Stinky Cheese VQ: Norwood 24 Pax: Hootie, Suger Cake, Birds Nest, Butt Fumble, Stinky Cheese, Norwood, J-Love, Drago, Bobber, Tetanus, Quicken, Sacked, Surge, Full House, Loogie, Bartman, Drumstick (newly named FNG: hospital name: John Hootes(Welcome!) Crash, Twinkie, Stretch, Snooki, Longtime, Replay and Chips The Thang: Old School Mosey at 530am from shovel

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