Independence Day Carterican Convergence

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Yesterday's sermon at the Rise was poignant in terms of what the upcoming holiday should mean to Christians.  In the mouth of the New York Harbor stands a gift from an ally.  She stands 150 feet tall and standing on her base her golden torch stands 305 feet above the ground.  Her right hand holds


5/29 Memorial Day Convergence

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  A bright, clear, humid Carterican morning awaited a Pax of 50 at the Memorial Day Convergence at Rotary Park.  Fifty!  Just, wow.  A two-minute warning had to be given to try and get arms around a group this large, and then a 1-minute warning.  After welcoming our visitors from off, and our 4 FNGs,


Dreadnought PREBLAST

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PREBLAST What:  The Dreadnought When:  Tuesday, April 18, 2017 0525 Start, 0615 Stop Where:  West Carteret High School, West side parking lot Who:  All F3 brothers who want to run a little and work out a little Why:  Madoff wants to show you a couple of things from his childhood Weather:  Perfect Gloves recommended for


Crystal Coast Stampede Pre-Blast

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What:  Crystal Coast Stampede, Good Friday Edition When:  Friday, April 14.  Meet at 0525, Hard start 0530 Where:  Dock House, West side parking lot, Front Street Beaufort, NC Who:  All F3Carterico Studs and everyone from "off" including Gilligan Preview:  Tour of local landmarks like Gilligan's Corner and Tweed's Marina.  Breathe in the salt air and


Pre Blast New Bern Launch

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Highly anticipated....and YHC anticipates your attendance to make F3 New Bern's launch of epic proportions.  SO HC NOW.  I have scoured you tube this morning and one thing that caught my eye was The Rocky IV training video.  If you notice in the scenes, Drago has all the creature comforts; his nation, his trainers, his


Pre Blast The Swashbuckler

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What: The Swashbuckler When: Thursday 9/15 gather in the west side parking lot 0525, hard start 0530, hard stop 0615 Where: WCHS track and football field Who: Any man and an FNG Forecast: Cloudy and 74 Preview: Chaser's 1st F #Big Bang Workout QIC: Steamer, co-Q Gilligan Bring your smelly gloves, it makes the ball


Slick Cam/ Hero Patriot Convergence and Chum Run

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What: Convergence of the Hero Patriot and Slick Cam and the Chum Run When: 9/10/16, meet in the parking lot at 0655, hard start 0700, hard stop 0800. Chum Run first heat launches at 0830 Where: Dunes Club, Atlantic Beach for the convergence.  Atlantic Beach Circle for the Chum Run. Who: Any man and an

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