Moving from Me 2 We #grindtime

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Date: 5/23/2022 AO:  Latham Grinder The idea of this workout is from my pastor's sermon referencing Mark Chapter 6 specifically on the feeding of the five thousand with 5 loaves and 2 fish. Mainly, the 12 disciples had to feed the 5,000 and Jesus continued to bless the baskets of five loaves and 2 fish.


Ap[plyo]ied Physics

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INTRODUCTION The brave and virtuous Pax of Greater Natville & beyond joined YHC for a plyometric extravaganza of legendary proportions. YHC regrets not visiting this premier AO beforehand, however, YHC left with a great appreciation for future devilish self-improvement opportunities at the situs. SQUAT & LUNGE VARIATIONS [single-counts] BROAD JUMP into REVERSE BROAD JUMP 180▫


Chutes-N-Ladders #trainofpain

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Date: 4/22/2022 AO:  Uptown Funk The workout was not about to happen given I did not remember until the site Q, Saban, did the pre-blast for Uptown Funk, lol! I literally read the Twitter pre-blast and was like, "Hey, do I really have the Q tomorrow?" As I checked my calendar, OH YEAH, it was


Round-about Substitute

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Date: 4/16/2022 AO:  Wakanda The workout was designed to hit the track "Buuuuut," it was locked due to a high school track meet being run later. "It's all good," the Dudley roundabout was available, and as one PAX member stated, "It worked out the way it supposes to!"  Well, my 2.0 Luke Cage was a


Slumy’s Magical Mystery Tour

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Per the command of the Great and Powerful Site-Q, I picked up the next available Q slot. I did not know that today was the Sixth Anniversary of Cougartown, the LEGENDARY AO where heroes are born. Learning this, I had to come up with a BootCamp of legendary stature... WARMARAMA The Pax moseyed over to


Can U Smack Honey Hump?!

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Date:  Wednesday, April 6th, 2022 AO:  Slamming Sammy's PAX: Explosion, Bushwood, Snacks-on-a-plane, Belsnickel, Wilma, Short-Squeeze, Pocahontas, Big Poppi, Nancy  Amphibious, Hazmat (RESPECT),  & FloJo on the "Q". Well, I have a love for "HUMP DAY," so AO's on this day I try to visit. Today I felt like revisiting some previous workouts: meaning I had


Miles & Smiles

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Background The scheduled Q had tummy troubles and texted YHC after my official bedtime hour to see if I could step up and lead The Hump. With limited hesitation, I accepted the opportunity to lead Natville's Finest. W.A.R.  The Mother Ruckers and Fast-holes splintered and the core contingent moseyed to the Red Gate. THANG The

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