Everything Bagel

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WARMARAMA Mosey around school and back to parking lot x2. THANG LEG DAY + Prisoner Squats [x15sc] Pause Wojo Squat into Side Leg Raise w/3 pulse [Left/Right x 10/10sc] Curtsey Squat [Left/Right x15/15sc] One Leg Bridge [Left/Right x15/15sc] Chillcut Plank Donkey Kick w/x5 pulse [x10sc] Mosey around parking lot x1 EVERYTHING BAGEL Mike Tyson [x15sc]


Soggy Bottom Boys

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Three super studs from the hinterlands of Natville converged at IJL for a proper beatdown. The rain fell down, but spirits were up. YHC misplaced his winkie, so this is a broad sketch of the mayhem that ensued. Thang Rocky Merkins Touch-down 1.5 Squats w/ Scapula Rows at half-squat Inch-Worm Burpees Tri-Merkins (Diamond-Regular-Wide accordion-style format


Aw Hill Yeah!

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02/23/2021 AO - Shake n' Bake Q - Bobby Knight Weather - warmer than it has been, but still apparently cold enough for a nice icy gloss PAX - The Maneater, Drizzle (RESPCET), Matlock (RESPECT), Everest (RESPECT), Red Dragon, Airball, Centerfold, Wojo (RESPECT), Graffiti (RESPECT), Guiding Light, Jingles, Eyeroll, Xerox (RESPECT), YHC At 5:30am the


Cast Your Burdens Down

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The first Stonehenge was completed on June 26, 2020. Normally, I repeat event style workouts around the same time period as the previous event. However, the nature of tension and conflict between chapter members following the 2020 elections, led me to push the schedule up on this event and the Triple Lindy too (May 1,


Live life

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W.A.R. (@ 3Point Circle, 10 reps each exercise IC & SC per set) Plank Jack Mountain Climber Crucifix Alternating Knee Crunch (WW1 crunch w/ arms splayed crucifix position. Perform WW1 crunch w/ arms extended out while driving knee to chest, alternating each time) Low Slow Flutter Hip Dips THANG 1 Mosey to Circle Junction @


“GET IT Stampede Stallions!”

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Date: 12/10/2020 It was my 1st "Q" for AO Starmount Stampede - Where the Stallions gallop! I've hit the area a few times prior and the AO is RUN pretty well, to say the least! I mean Site Q's name is "Footloose." It doesn't get better than that, bruh! AO  reminds me of running the


Karate Chop Your Inner Wimp

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Introduction: Welcome to F3. This is a free workout. It happens whether it is dry, rain, snow, cold, or hot outside. The purpose of the workout is to enhance male community leadership. *No FNG Instructions: There are four supersets with six exercises per set. Each exercise count is one minute long give or take, and

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