As Kermit Would Say, It’s Not Easy Being Green

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When   4/13/21 QIC        Snowflake The Pax: Golden Corral, Pacer, Nancy, Amphibious, Confusion, Tent City, Ricardo, Explosion  Summary On a beautiful, brisk morning pollen filled the air and 9 PAX including Tent City, a visitor from High Point, took advantage of the surrounding environment and sucked in as much green stuff as they could handle. Disclaimers


A Lotta Tabata

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March 30, 2021 PAX Ricardo, Nomex, Pacer, Flo Jo, STP, City Slicker, Bodet, Square, Don Cha Know, Flo, Tommy Boy, Everest, High Roll, Root (Q) WAR Mosey SSH Toy Soldiers Hamstring Pushbacks Squats Inch Worms Windmills THANG Tabata 1 (2 Rounds): 10 Step Up (Each), 20 Durkins, 30 Dips, 1 Lap (OYO) Tabata 2 (2


SUICIDE SQUAD #spiritofmarchmadness

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Date: 3/23/2021 It was my 1st "Q" of the new year after my annual winter hibernation. I had a parking deck in mind "hardly ever used," by most in the AO and I was determined to use it. I think I pulled it off! Please comment!! Coming out of hibernation I felt like I needed


That Escalated Quickly

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03/16/2021 AO - Arise Q - Bobby Knight PAX - Houlihan (EC), Nancy (EC), Eggplant, Golden Corral, Ozone, Ricardo, FloJo Pacer joined us for an EC Run It was a rainy morning so we called an audible and moved things to the Bellemeade Parking deck. After a wet mosey to the garage, we circled up


Pre New Year’s Day Workout

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Arise December 29, 2020 5:30-6:15 am, Tuesday Temperature:  32 degrees Fahrenheit, clear, full moon Total distance of workout:  my Garmin showed 1.92 miles (accuracy questioned due to working out in sub terranian garage);Graffiti's GPS said 2.2 miles (he did run more than me since he finished his exercises faster than everyone else and I called


11-24 @ Arise

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Tuesday November 24, 2020 AO: Arise 0530-0615 PAX: Nancy, Ricky Bobby, Pacer (RESPECT), Golden Corral, Amphibious, Explosion, Ozone, Huggies, Confusion, Mr. Incredible, Flo Jo, Popeye (RESPECT) and Pocahontas (QiC). YHC arrived early for the standard Tuesday 0500-ish 2.5 mile EC mosey, and was pleasantly surprised to see Confusion stretching & suiting up for the run. 


Merkin Jax…In Cadence

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Date: 11/17/2020 Workout: Arise Location: United Methodist Church Pax: Thurmanator (Respect), FloJo, Ozone, Hazmat (Respect), Pacer (Respect), Nancy, Amphibious, Ricky Bobby, Popeye (Respect), Golden Corral, Patch (QIC) Nancy, Pacer, Golden Corral, and YHC arrived early for an EC mosey around the city.  We took their normal route which was a little over 2 miles. A


Choices, Choices Choices…

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ARISE - 10/3/2020 Weather: Cool and clear. First day in multiple layers for the Q this season. YHC was asked directly by the Site-Q to fill a spot in November. The calendar was clear and was given the first one. Also known as Election Day. Immediately the theme was born. A choose/elect your own adventure


HIM Training @ Arise 10/13/2020

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Arise Tuesday October 13, 2020 0530 – 0615 60º F, cool mist, perfect gloom Rolled through downtown this am to get my mind right and insure our tour of downtown would work as planned. I really do love this city and starting off the morning with some of the best men #Natville has to offer


In Every Adversity Is A Seed of Greatness

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Sometime's life throws you a curveball.....its how you respond that makes the difference. In preparation for today's beatdown, I made sure to get some z's early only to be awakened at 1:30 am by both my 2.0's. Duty called so I answered. Upon arrival to scout out the stations for the beatdown, I noticed unusual

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