Rainbow Dash Goes Off the Reservation

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10 strong, plus one 4 legged friend named Deuce, awoke on Saturday morning and decided it would be a great idea to post at the Rainbow Dash.  Not the most masculine AO name but one that harnesses the energy of the Male swag and identifies with all things macho.  With this in mind Whopper decided


“Rubble's 2nd Q of Pain” – JTown LCC – 4/25/16

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14 Pax gathered for some pain and suffering at the hands of Rubble this am.  In only 2 Q's, he's got how crush the pax down pat.  It went a little something like this: Warm-Up The pax moseyed around the AO to get the heart going before circling up, then: 20 Side-straddle hops 15 Sun


4th Annual F3 Dads Camp

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Updated on 8/8/2016 2016 F3 Dads Camp Info Pack [iframe id="" align="center" mode="normal" autoplay="yes"] Summer of Sixteen Grand Finale…. F3 Dads is taking over YMCA Camp Thunderbird! Register and buy tickets at the link below. Camp will be the weekend of August 12 – 14. We will build on the great success of last year


F3-A Damn Good Midlife Crisis

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After some encouragement, I was asked to tag multiple regions for this post. I am JD from Lake Murray, SC. Here we go. This is the, "what F3 has meant to me post". Now, I know this post has been done many times before, so hopefully I can add something to what has already been


PREBLAST – F3 Davis Lake!

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Men of F3 Nation, Like the detached arm of a starfish that then regrows into its own, @F3Nation will soon be growing a bit stronger. @F3MECA is launching a new AO in the Davis Lake area!  Come be a part of the inaugural workout of @F3 Davis Lake! When:  Saturday, May 30, 2015 at 7am sharp Where: 


East Charlotte, NC Expansion

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F3 Boondocks F3 is expanding again! It seems the recent foray into the Mint Hill area has brought several East Charlotte pax out of their holes in the boondocks.  It appears a bunch of us have been posting in different AOs for quite some time never knowing about each other's existence.  We have decided it


3rd Annual F3 Camp

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REGISTRATION FOR F3DADS CAMP IS CLOSED!!  WE HAD A RECORD TURNOUT AND LOOK FORWARD TO ANOTHER GREAT WEEKEND WITH OUR 2.0'S. For the THIRD straight year F3 Dads is taking over YMCA Camp Thunderbird! Camp will be the weekend of August 14 – 16. We will build on the great success of last year to provide


It's Official: F3 Mint Hill Has a Launch Date

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Wow! The men of Mint Hill, NC are fired up to get this thing launched. They finally have their own AO close to home, and now an official launch date! Please join the men of Mint Hill, Saturday, June 13th at Veteran's Memorial Park off I485 on Highway 218.  The workout will launch promptly at



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The MECA region is honored to host the 2015 edition of The Bear, the preeminent NOCO #CSAUP event.  Who can participate? F3 Nation  What is it? A strenuous 10 mile course, with Pain Stations, winding through various MECA AOs Where is it? This event will begin at Highland Creek Elementary (7242 Highland Creek Pkwy Charlotte, NC 28269)


Leap Survival Kit

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Alright brothers, the time is now to band together and take on these Leaps! This post is to ensure the PAX taking trips over to lead or attend workouts have everything needed to be successful. Taking a free, outdoor workout organization that invigorates men, creates friendships, transformational stories, and whole bunch of other good and spreading

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