3rd Annual F3 Golf Classic

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Mark your calendars for The 3rd Annual F3 Golf Classic, hosted by the Area 51 Pax at Olde Sycamore Golf Plantation on Friday, July 29th at 9:00 AM. TIME CHANGE 7:30 AM Registration 9:00 AM Start Proceeds The F3 Golf Classic is a great time to celebrate the great gift F3 has been to all of us.  This


Charleston Convergence & LDR Conference Pre-Blast

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Men of F3 Nation, Please join us for a Convergence and F3 Community Outreach Conference.  We have some of our Brothers from Charlotte joint us to discuss 3rd F, Expansion efforts, history of F3 and will showcase efforts of individual PAX from Charleston in our Community.  It's an opportunity to learn more about F3 as


Qwest West – A F3F Scholarship Opportunity

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F3 Qwests West: May 17 -  May 30 An Amazing Opportunity for the F3 College Pax Through a F3Foundation grant, Qwest West, Inc. and F3Foundation have joined forces to offer a full, needs-based scholarship to a deserving F3 college male to join the Qwest West, May 17-30. The Qwest West gathers young adults (18-22+) across


Final Preblast for F3's 5th Anniversary

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The time for talking is over. In just over 24 hours, we'll all find what the hubbub is all about when the doors open at the Fillmore at 7pm on Saturday. Does Flay really perform a shirtless Macarena? Will OBT and Dredd perform a live tribute to their 2012 cadence video?  Will Longbottom make wild claims


Oliver Gospel Mission Ruck Raffle

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Rather than going back the Bank (AKA The F3 Foundation), this year I really wanted to figure out another way to fund the programs F3 Columbia is involved with at the Oliver Gospel Mission. The F3F has been more than generous with it's funds, but I wanted to make room on the balance sheet for


Now Accepting Entries for the Official 2016 F3 Race Jersey Logo

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The F3 Marketing Team will soon select and unveil a new national Official F3 Race Jersey Logo for 2016.  Winning designs have originated in the F3 Columbia region for the last 2 years, but the depth and breadth of competition has increased greatly this year with expansion. Like previous years, we plan to keep the standard


Comments on the Mud Run

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As the comment function has been disabled on the actual Mud Run backblast, which is fine (author's discretion), I just wanted to provide a separate venue for those that have further comments to be able to make them, if they are so inclined. I don't have any comments because I wasn't there, but I support


Important F3 Gear Holiday Dates

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Something to forward along to the Ms and family of the men of F3 nation: November 20 - Last day to submit pre-orders for regional or custom logo shirts to arrive before Christmas. View logos from all regions here and contact your local Gear Q if you need a new pre-order opened up for the


Fall 2015 Mud Run. 420 Pax Converge to take on the F3 Superbowl.

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Over 400 pax converged at the Leatherneck Course in Gaston, SC for the 2015 Fall Edition of the Super Bowl of F3 – THE LEGENDARY ULTIMATE CHALLENGE MUD RUN.  This was a year of the "First".  The fact that this was YHC's first EVER MudRun was completely overshadowed by much more worthy "First" acknowledgements. Thanks



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