Federalist Papers 1a, Jan 3

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Next meetings would be: Jan 17(Fed1&Fed2), Jan 31(Fed3), Feb 14(Fed4), Feb 28(Fed5). Every other Monday. Location: New Garden Starbucks Fed#1 link: https://guides.loc.gov/federalist-papers/text-1-10#s-lg-box-wrapper-25493264 Excerpt: "It has been frequently remarked that it seems to have been reserved to the people of this country, by their conduct and example, to decide the important question, whether societies of men


QSource Introduction

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QSource can be purchased in book format. The earlier version is available in pdf. It is also posted on line, check out this link where everything is neatly organized https://f3nation.com/q-source-index/ PAX: about dozen of us met at Green Joe's YHC introduced QSource content, describing the 4 Quadrants of Get Right --> Live Right --> Lead


Thursday 3rdF QSource

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Disclaimer: this is only the Q's impression of what may or may not have transpired, and of no one else. PAX: 10 We met up Mt Pisgah UMC fellowship hall. Great space, big enough for a huge group, or several small groups! YHC had gotten Sheetz coffee, took less than 10min before getting to the


29029 – Fenceline S/O to Everest

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Fenceline Tuesday October 29, 2019 0530 – 0615 Arrived at the AO a bit early – Houlihan is on an EC kick and EH’d me for a mosey, so I needed to layout the plan of beforehand. None other than Awkward was making most of the kiddie-bars to get his Murph in. Houlihan rolled in


Thursday 6:30 3rdF Format, PAX have spoken

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Thurs Q schedule: Feb 22: Puddles March 1: ? March 8: ? March 15: ? March 22: ? March 29: ? A group of us have met regularly after the Thursday workout at Starbucks (near EarthFare) for quite awhile now. Early on it has been Long Time leading the discussion and in the past couple months YHC


Operation Sweet Tooth Update October 9th 2016

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Update on Operation Sweet Tooth   I know there have been a bunch of  Pax asking for instructions on the logistics of #OST.  Here is the update with future ones to follow. To begin with, Operation Sweet Tooth is officially a non-profit 501C3 corporation. 2nd and more importantly, we are gearing up for the OST


Pre-Blast Service Opportunity August 6, 2016

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Natville PAX: The PAX of Circle Time have put together an opportunity for Natville to give back to our community. On August 6th 2016  at 8am (right after Cornwallis Nightmare)we are going to be setting up two retaining walls at Brooks Global Studies Elementary School.  We need at least 6 men to step up.  All


Pain and Joy

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32 Pax made a choice to join YHC for a beatdown at Slammin’ Sammys. There are other options on where to post in the #Natville gloom, and YHC was delighted to spread some pain and joy around. More on the joy later. After a proper introduction and 2 disclaimers, the PAX entered the Warm A

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