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Coupon Delivery Service

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Wakanda July 10th 2021 Verlander VQ PAX: Stretch, Sacked, Paddleboat, Serena, Pearl Two, John Coctostan, Nomex, Mixtape, Root, Verlander   Warmarama: SSH x20 IC Windmills x15 IC String Ripper x15 IC Sungods x15, Chinook x15, Maracan Night Club x15 IC Merkins x15 Single Count   The THANG 2-man Grinder: CHIMPS-AMRAP Cindy Crawfords, Hillbillies, Inchworms, Monkey


Stretch needs help

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13 Pax at Wakanda could find a ride to Grow Ruck - 3 card Monty, Mall cop, HBO, Saban, Bruce Lee, Sparta, Verlander, Cloud Strife, Bogart, Root, Flo Jo, Back Draft, Stretch.   Mosey to the North Lot for side straddle hops, runner’s stretch, chicken wings, and mountain climbers. Then mosey to the track. Thang


Running in Circles

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Running in circles at the Crater 6 pax and one splinter runner started off the week with a fourth day of Christmas, self-directed beat down. Warm-a-rama SSH, Mountain Climbers, Sun Gods-to-Chanooks got the blood pumping before we entered the circle. The Thang A course had been previously plotted on the outer perimeter of the school


Quaker Crater – Lines and Spaces

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Leap Day starts with a review of parking spaces! 17 PAX gathered in the gloom of the Quaker Crater AO and started with a mosey to the BB Court Where we... Side Straddle Hops - 25, Sun Gods - 15 each direction, Imperial Walkers - 25, Hill Billys - 25, Mosey to the parking lot