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F3 – Lunatic Fridge PAX - Airball, Guiding Light, BedBug, WoJo, Poehler, Short Circuit, G-String, Bushwood, Tetnis, Boones Farm, Bull Dog, Hanna, Jitterbug, Chips, TPS - Splinters - Matlock, Fanny, Xerox, Hoosier, Spike, Wicked, Buck - Red Dragon on the Q. Disclaimer Mission With the potential of a large group showing up for the workout,


Stay in your lane #2

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38degrees 2-27-19 THE DEATH-STAR Foot Fairy, Drizzle, Bodett, Jelly Bean, Wicked, AirBall, Magic Dragon, Steely Dan, See Thru, TPS, Red Dragon. Mission Disclaimer A lot of Mumble Chatter this am, so we set out on the Mosey to get ready. Warm A Rama SSH String Rippers Abe Begotas Sun Gods Cork Screws - Pull Them



By |2018-12-09T07:21:49-04:00December 9th, 2018|Categories: Uncategorized|

26 Pax made it to Lunatic Fridge this AM. Bedbug, Birdsnest, Slumlord, Bushwood, Stinky Cheese, Hud, Buck, Wicked, AirBall, Jitterbug (abdulathecoola), Fanny, WoJo, Tammy, Pocahontas, 3 for 1, JellyBean, CJ, Buttfumble, Everest, SPackler, Hoosier, Xerox, Matlock, Wingman, JR, Red Dragon on the Q The Q was fired up because he really likes all that LF


Cougartown TurkeyBowl

By |2018-11-26T16:26:52-04:00November 26th, 2018|Categories: Uncategorized|

Pax - TPS, Bodett, AirBall, Foot Fairy, Red Dragon on the Q. We had 6 arrive, but with the rain and wind blowing, Will decided to sleep in the car - to his credit, he got out of bed and rode with Dad to the game and took the group photo at the end.  Huge



By |2018-11-16T13:43:32-04:00November 16th, 2018|Categories: Uncategorized|

Welcome NO FNGs Mission Disclaimer PAX - TPS, Airball, Inxs, Whirlie, Foot Fairy, Spackler, Radiator, Abu, Polo, Hoosier, Q - Red Dragon - 45 Warm – a – rama  Mosey Goofballs x 44 String Rippers x 15 10 Burpees OYO Mosey Copperhead Squats x 15 Air Claps x 15 Merkins x 10 Mosey Lunges x


All Around the Park

By |2018-11-11T21:23:50-04:00November 11th, 2018|Categories: Uncategorized|

Saturday Nov 10 Pax - Bulldog, Wet Socks, Airball, TPS, jiggawatt, Magic Dragon, Drizzle, Q - Red Dragon  Started at most F3 workouts begin - Why we are there Mission Disclaimer and off to the Track. The Warmarama would be a moving one - SSH - Jog to the straight Hill Billies - Jog the


Built for a SPEED workout

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November 8 Sad Clown Killer EC - Mini Murph - TPS, Airball, RD - during the EC mini murph the Q - RD realized that he had forgot his watch and thank goodness TPS was there to pick up the slack. Pax - By Rider, Airball, TPS, Pitino, Misfire, Nest Egg,  Foot Fairy, Cotton tail, Xerox, RD



By |2018-10-31T17:12:53-04:00October 31st, 2018|Categories: Uncategorized|

Thank you to our friends at Cadet Lab for allowing the RED DRAGON to come out and attempt to crush this awesome crew. PAX - Pitino, JR, Misfire, Kaizen, Magician, Spicoli, Harbaugh, Convoy, Airball, Heisenberg, Cottontail, Byrider and Red Dragon on the Q. Welcome Mission Disclaimer Mosey around the Parking Lot. Cone to Cone Warm a rama.


Follow the Leader

By |2018-10-28T08:15:10-04:00October 27th, 2018|Categories: Uncategorized|

A great opportunity to head to the southern Virginia mecca known as DEATHSTAR (Northern Guilford HS).  We were up early and got the job done.  Thank you to all who attended.  It was awesome to be with you and I look forward to my next opportunity to get to Q. PAX - Whirlie, Inxs, Wingman, TPS,


Heads or Tails

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AO – Cougartown Date – 9-8-18 PAX – See Thru, TPS, Airball, Magic Dragon, Cougar, Foot Fairy, Ozone, Glow - The Q – Red Dragon   After the set up and an EC ruck by TPS, Airball and Glow. The Q was fired up to get started.  Magic Dragon brought his 2.0 and the rest

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