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Natty’s Hump May 18, 2022

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Natty’s Hump Wednesday May 18, 2022 0530-0615 Spencer Love Tennis Center / Jaycee Park Parking Lot 58° F, 80% RH Pax (31 with the Q) Short Circuit, Yeti (Respect!), Stretch (Respect!), Doublecheck (Respect!), Phoenix (Respect!), Fanny Pack, Ramses, Snooki (Respect!), Stickshift, Temple (Respect!), Kilowatt (Respect!), Polo, Don’tChaKnow (Respect!), 50cc (Respect!), Huffy (Respect!), Guiding Light (Respect!),


Tabata at Sweat Angel May 12, 2022

By |2022-05-13T10:19:27-04:00May 13th, 2022|Categories: Uncategorized|

Thursday May 12, 2022 0530-0615 Jaycee Park 58°F, 90% Humidity Yesterday, YHC reached out to today’s scheduled Q to make sure he was locked and loaded. Turns out he’s about to board a plane headed downrange for vacation! So, after an unsuccessful attempt to fill the vacancy, YHC decided to recycle the old faithful 20/10/4


Tabata @ The Dasche April 16, 2022

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Rainbow Dash • Saturday April 16, 2022 • 0700-0800 • Mendenhall Middle School • 54° F, 72% RH Pax (14 humans plus 3 canines) Body Bag, Section 8, Don’tChaKnow (Respect!), Flat Rate (Respect!), Mr. Roboto, Rabbit (Respect!), Viagra (Respect!), Sugar Cake, Ponch (Respect!), Spicy Chipotle, Mickelson, Brisket (Respect!), Fanny Pack QIC Radiator No FNG’s present.


Grinder at the Church

By |2022-04-04T10:39:23-04:00April 4th, 2022|Categories: Uncategorized|

Latham Grinder  • Monday April 4, 2022 • 0530-0615 • Latham Park • 38° F, 68% RH Pax (9 with the Q) No splinters this am. Sandpiper, Everest (Respect!), Saban, Amphibious, Explosion, Boy Wonder (Respect!), City Slicker (Respect!), Huggies QIC Radiator The pax were welcomed at 0530. The Mission of F3 was stated. The disclaimer


Tres Hombres Grinder at Local Honey March 30, 2022

By |2022-03-30T15:55:34-04:00March 30th, 2022|Categories: Uncategorized|

Wednesday March 30, 2022 0530-0615 Local Honey Salon parking lot - Corner of Commerce & Bellemeade 38° F, 65% RH Pax (10 with the Q) Graffiti (Respect!), Drysdale (Respect!), Bloomers, Secretary, Cavity, A6, Square, Scab, Bobby Knight QIC Radiator We began with the greeting, the mission, and the disclaimer. No FNG’s present today. On to….


March Madness 2022 at Fenceline

By |2022-03-29T11:00:16-04:00March 29th, 2022|Categories: Uncategorized|

Tuesday March 29, 2022 0530-0615 Irving Park Elementary School 35° F, 43% RH Pax (6 + 2 splinter ruckers) Jitterbug (Respect!), Hall Pass, Ozone, Pity the Fool (Respect!), Viagra (Respect!) Splinters: Gilligan, Scooby Doo (Respect!) QIC Radiator The Pax were greeted and welcomed, no FNG’s were present, the Mission of F3 was expressed aloud and


Lunatic Fringe (Tabata Redux) Friday March 11, 2022

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Lunatic Fringe (Tabata Redux) Friday March 11, 2022 0530 to 0615 Greensboro Day School Track 35° F, 99% RH Pax (5 with the Q) (plus a brief Xerox sighting) CJ, Jayhawk, DQ, Blowout  QIC Radiator YHC pulled up to the AO at 0521. Empty parking lot.  Panic! Am I at the right place? Have they


Closing Time (The Truth about Tabata) Feb 17, 2022

By |2022-02-21T15:13:40-05:00February 21st, 2022|Categories: Uncategorized|

  Thursday February 17, 2022 1900 to 1945 hours Jaycee Park at Spencer Love Tennis Center 66° F, 75% RH Pax (26 with the Q) Schnitzel (Respect!), Eggplant (Respect!), Flo, The King, Raptor, Roblox, Kilowatt (Respect!), Stryker, Fore (Respect!), Gridlock (Respect!), Mugsy, Don’tChaKnow (Respect!), Flat Rate (Respect!), MacGyver, Snow White (Respect!), Tommy Boy, Expired (Respect!),


Arise Feb 8, 2022 My Tabata Obsession (or where’s the Site Q?)

By |2022-02-08T16:18:58-05:00February 8th, 2022|Categories: Uncategorized|

Tuesday February 8, 2022 0530-0615 Grace United Methodist Church Parking Lot, 438 West Friendly Ave. 32° F, 97% RH Pax (7 with the Q) Ozone, Everest (RESPECT!), Nancy, Amphibious, Snakes On a Plane, Bruce Lee, QIC Radiator The pax were welcomed at 0530. No FNG’s today. The Mission of F3 was stated. The disclaimer was


I stole this HIIT from Bulldog. Latham Grinder January 1, 2022

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• Monday January 31, 2022 • 0530-0615 • Latham Park • 26° F, 67% RH Pax (10 with the Q including 3 splinter runners) Eye Roll, Bird’s Nest, Big Sky (Respect), Short Track (Respect), P-O-E-H-L-E-R, Daisy Splinter Runners: Gilligan, CJ, Huggies QIC Radiator The pax were welcomed at 0530. The Mission of F3 was stated.

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