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PAX: Chips, Kung Fu Panda (Justin Dorsey, FNG) Tofu (Josef Whitted, FNG), JLove, Crush, Butt Fumble, Whirly Bird, Red Dragon, Gangrene, Paula Deen, QIC - Mr. Belding   A purpose will motivate you. A purpose will keep your priorities straight. A purpose will develop your potential. A purpose will give you power to live in


Turn up the FUNK – UF 3/15

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PAX: Huggies Square Thurmanator (Respect!) Norwood Hoser Ozone A6 Secretary Mare LYnda (Respect!) Gold Digger Houlihan Earhardt Lite Brite Confusion Graffiti (Respect!) Paula Deen (QIC) YHC's playlist shuffles between agony and despair YHC has a thing for funk and soul music. So when Sly Stone's Birthday popped up on the list


Clinton is a Brony and other facts – LG 2/18

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PAX: Explosion Coach K Eyeroll Paula Deen (QIC) PAX subjected to a Presidential beatdown When YHC agreed to take the 2/18 spot, he forgot that happened to be President's Day. Poor President's Day, Christmas never gets that disrespect. So YHC felt he needed to honor the long line of men who


Block Lockdown – SSS 1/16

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PAX: Don't Cha Know (Respect!) Sully 3 for 1 Bushwood Pocahontas Freezer Burn CJ Nancy Cornhole Confusion Paula Deen (QIC) 11 PAX play with Blocks in Lindley Park YHC was experiencing "feels", as the kids say, thinking about his tenure as Site Q of Slammin Sammy's drawing to a close. So


Dropping B.O.M.B.S. – SSS 1/2

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PAX: Sir Charles (Respect!) 3 for 1 T Rex Cornhole Confusion Paula Deen (QIC) PAX head to school for artillery training 6 of Natville's finest stuck to their 2019 resolutions for at least one more day and posted to Slammin Sammy's. YHC happens to be the site Q of that illustrious


Principle 3 – SSS 12/12

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PAX: Jitterbug (Respect!) 3 for 1 Paula Deen (QIC) Principle 3: F3 workouts are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold After a whole lot of this: Slammin Sammy's was a veritable winter wonderland. At 5:28, YHC was contemplating the magical snow workout he'd be performing by himself.


Uptown Shake Down – UF 11/16

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PAX: Coach K Drysdale (Respect!) Thurmanator (Respect!) Gold Digger Lite Brite Ozone Earhart Sir Charles (Respect!) Dial Up (Respect!) Paula Deen (QIC) "Put the screws on 'em" Earhart said... YHC wasn't scheduled to Q as of Wednesday this week, but Earhart had a "favor" to ask... You see, Site Q Earhart had


Meters are running out at Uptown Funk 10/19

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PAX: Earhart Coach K Ozone Thurmanator (Respect!) Sir Charles (Respect!) Square Paula Deen (QIC) 7 PAX desperately searching floorboards for change. 6 Natville HIMs joined YHC for an early morning jaunt through the not-so-mean streets of Greensboro. YHC was concerned it was going to be a mano y mano

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