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Workouts are held outdoors, they said.  Rain or shine, they said.

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Arise: Tuesday, July 23, 2019, 05:30-6:15, 72 degrees F., dry when we started Pax: Gunny, Magellan, Golden Corral, FloJo, Woody, DialUp (QIC, Respect!) 6 veteran pax gathered at Grace UMC, just as it stopped raining. With disclaimers dispensed and urging pax exercise (physically, good judgment, and caution) we start. Warmorama: SSH, Sun Gods (forward & back),


Los Tres Amigos

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Cornwallis Nightmare, Jaycee Park, Saturday, February 2, 2019 32 pax gathered at Jaycee Park for a three-man, tres amigos, three for the price of one, triple threat Q with MudFlap, Rocket, and DialUp. Pax: Snowflake (Respect!), Windmill (Respect!), Stretch (Respect!), Mall Cop, Sacked (Respect!), Drysdale (Respect!), Stage Fright, Wingman (Respect!), Guiding Light, Brandy (Respect!), Birdsnest, POEHLER,


What are DialUps, you ask?

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Uptown Funk: Friday, January 18, 2019, 05:30-6:15, 38 degrees F. Pax:  Mayer, Huggies, Hydro (Respect!), Drysdale (Respect!), Earhart, Wojo, A6, Tetanus, G-String, Secretary, Ozone, Michelson, DialUp (QIC, Respect!) 13 veteran pax crushed some DialUps on just about a perfect morning to workout. With disclaimers dispensed and urging pax to modify, up or down as necessay, the


Mnemonic, rhymes with …

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Arise: Tuesday, January 8, 2019, 05:30-6:15, 45 degrees F. Pax:  Thurmanater (RESPECT!), Lynda, Snowflake (RESPECT!), Nancy, DialUp (QIC, RESPECT!) 5 veteran pax gathered at Grace UMC on an unseasonably warm morning. With disclaimers dispensed and urging pax exercise (physically, good judgment, and caution), the pax mosey'd to the ball park lot. Warmorama: SSH’s, Sun Gods (forward & back),