F3 natty hump 6/12/24 

Q leading operations = Bones

Multiple Splinter groups as usually for Natty Hump.

Ruckers, Runners, Bikers, Boot-campers

23 Plus

STP, Hotwire, Scooby-Doo, Cowbell, Bunnyslope, Silicon, CJ, Gilligan, JLove, BirdsNest, Extrapoint, Mesquite, Ricola, Bones +more Ruckers, Runners, and Bikers.


Boot Camp programmed workout


Hill Billie

Merry-go-rounds   Right then left (20 Sec)

Indian run to 1st station.

Upper Station

  • Mike Tysons 30

Merkin Clock exercise (Birth Month for each pax) 2x if low numbers

                                Rotate to position, then number of Days for Merkins, return to neutral

Partner Ruck to Lower switch ½ way, 5 burpees

Lower Station

Squat Clock Birth Month, squats for day x2

Partner Ruck to Lower switch ½ way, 5 burpees


                Hill circuit 3 burpee at bottom, relieve partner 2x

  • Mountain climber
  • Seal-Jacks

Mosey back to flag, stopping at stations.

Deep Al Gore 60 sec pax count

Plank 60 sec pax count

Peoples Merry

Including, LBCs, Cindy Crawford, Heel touches, WW1 sit-ups, low slow flutters.

New Guy   Merritt white  AKA  F3 Reduce&Reuse “R&R”

EH’d by:  Butt fumble & Crawlspace

Wins:  Jitterbug discussion of Appalachian Trail

Holding in the light:  Lisa, friend of Snookie.  Radiator and Family.  Bodett.