Quaker Crater


PAX: Explosion, Detention, Doherty, Butterball, Cornhole, Nails, Bobby Knight, Stella

QIC: Tesla (9 total)

Weather:  63 and perfect



Shoulder Taps

Mountain Climbers

Sun Gods

Hill Billies

String Rippers

Side to Side lunge stretches



A pyramid, with a bridge interlude

PAX would run.  We’d stop at a location, and we start building the pyramid.

First location, stop.  15 Woj Squats


Second location, stop. 13 Merkins, 15 Woj Squats.


Third location, stop. 11 crab cakes, 13 Merkins, 15 Woj Squats.

This third one there was mumblechatter as we ran the hill to the library.

Back down mosey.  Not bad, PAX.


INTERLUDE at the bridge (best AO bridge in town):

15 dips

15 dherkins

10 lunges each leg

15 irkins

Rinse & repeat 1x



Pyramid resumes:

4th stop, 9 Crunchy Frogs IC, 11 Crab Cakes, 13 Merkins, 15 Woj Squats

5th stop, 7 Carolina Dry Docks, the other stuff

6th stop, 5 Freddy Mercuries, the other stuff

7th stop, add 3 air claps, the rest

8th stop at the flag, top it off with 1 burpee, 3 air claps, 5 Freddies, 7 Dry Docks, 9 Froggies, 11 Crabbies, 13 Merks, 15 Squats


6MOM -> American Hammers took us home



Nails is going to support our military this week; we are looking forward to hearing more next week

Boddett is top of mind for all.  We lifted him as a PAX

Great leadership by all today.  Many stepped up to lead future workouts!  One of my favorite things about F3.  Everyone contributes.  And by contributing, we grow ourselves.


Thanks for the privilege today.  Tesla