Date: May 22, 2024

AO: Slammin’ Sammy’s Smackdown (SSS)

Location: Lindley Park

12 PAX: Nancy, Mallcop, Big Sky, Golden Corral, Short Squeeze, FNG-Jay-now Deuce, Mario, Cheese Steak, Freezer Burn, Nomex, Spare Time

QIC: Tesla



  • Sun Gods
  • Plank and:
    • Shoulder Taps – with mumblechatter
    • Merkins – more chatter
    • Knee Slaps – lots of mumblechatter
    • Mountain Climbers – starting to quiet
    • Recover!
  • Hillbillies
  • Let’s Mosey

The Thang

1. The Wall

  • Wall sits – 100 then 60 sec – mumblechatter commences; especially upon long pauses in the round robin count
  • Balls to the wall – 60 sec – whining continued
  • Leg lifts, each leg – 12x – PAX were excited to lay in the dirt
  • Mike Tysons – 10 OYO – they loved these
  • Chewies –  12x – a respite
  • Rinse and repeat 3x – mumblechatter lessened as we went
  • Mosey to the baseball diamond

2. Bleacher Party

  • PAX found coupons at top of the bleachers
  • PAX chose their favorite weight…without knowing what the exercises would be
  • PAX moved to the bleacher.  Some had to be in the bleachers due to # of PAX that showed up
  • 1st exercise – Step ups with weight – 10x each leg
  • PAX mumble chatter about rickety bleachers
  • YHC moved everyone to ground floor and the retaining wall
  • Exercise rounds began again.  Round 1:
    • Irkins – 15
    • Dips – 15
    • Dherkins – 15
    • 3x thru.  Q may have lessened the count in round three
  • Round 2:
    • Step ups – 10 each leg
    • Lunges – 10x each leg
    • Jump squats
    • Rinse and repeat 3x
    • Mosey back to flag – bring the weights, PAX

Q had to convince PAX to mosey a little faster.  Lots of walking to shovel flag.  Upon return:


Each PAX chose their favorite exercise and led the group.

Ended with American Hammers.

Recover!  Well done by all the PAX.  Kotters to Freezer Burn.


FNG Name game – Jay Montague became Deuce

COT – Important things shared.  Care and wisdom shared in response.

YHC took PAX out after COT.

Free coffeteria onsite courtesy of Mall Cop.

Excellent 2nd F.  Great morning.

Thanks PAX.!