YHC envision AOs having specific focus on in their workouts.
As an example, YHC is pushing for Quaker Crater to focus on the back for next 6 weeks. Various Q’s will lead in this 6 weeks, but will follow similar exercises, with the expectations of:
1) consistent focus which leads to improvement
2) predictable workouts, easier to Q
3) gaps to fitness is identified, thus a metric suitable for accountability
If every QIC creates from whim for each workout, there is no focus (defaulting to 10 merkin workouts in a roll), QIC has to spend extra time creating entertaining workout as opposed to effective workouts, and there isn’t a way to track one’s progress (I do pullups in at Quaker Crater with Butterball and then 3 weeks later do more pullups at Sad Clown with Black Swan; no one is going to remember/care my progress).
The 6-week program consists of:
1) wall angels for proper back posture, 3 sets
2) Pullups for upper back & lats, 3 sets
3) Swimmer for lower back, 3 sets
4) Back rows for upper back, 3 sets
5) Shoulder press, 1-arm, deltoid and back, 3 sets
6) Hanging oblique crunch, abs, 3 sets
7) Corkscrew, abs, 3 sets
1st sheet is record of today’s workout. Apologies to many incorrect numbers, will have to do better job remembering everyone’s reps. Each week a new sheet will be created from template sheet and filled out, to our best abilities.
2nd sheet is template for future Q’s.
YHC can assist in updating this page to track pax progress.