655 almost everyone is there but pipes was late, no problem my friend!!! Stretching, arm circles forward, backwards, hug yourself, touch three places, on our six; right leg out, left leg out, apple sauce, baby pose, up dog, down dog…

Pairs and pipes, curb appeal and Snooki.

150 squat jumps, partner jogs around courts

150 push ups, partner jogs or jumping jacks

150 monkey humpers jogs

150 step ups jogs

Next on plank position, at elbows right then left. Flutter kicks, American Hammers.

Name a rama. 11 strong. Prayer and out.

Curb appeal, pipes, deisel, hulk, fire Marshall, red cross, RoboCop, Madoff, Billboard, snooki! Did i forget someone SORRY!

BE STRONG BROTHERS, NO ONE ever said life is easy. It is not. Thank you for helping me weekly. Growing old is not for sizzies.