Date: April 2, 2024

Weather: Warm & humid in the sub-terranean lair of the parking deck/building structure originally known as Forum VI.

PAX (17): 50cc, Houlihan, Stretch, STP (War Baby), Poehler, Crawl Space, Short Track, Cowbell, Double Check, Etch-a-Sketch, Fannie, Akron (War Baby), Gekko, LYnda, Matlock, Canary, Wojo (QIC)

When your Site Q puts out a phenomenal pre-blast, it’s incumbent upon the Q to make sure the workout measures up! Hopefully today’s action did so, although YHC felt the workout needed to be more balanced and representative of all of the Final Four participants and not only Fannie’s dream of just an NC State Final Four & DJ Burns lovefest.

A good group assembled in the lair this morning along with a couple of late stragglers. YHC welcomed the PAX, provided the obligatory F3 introduction, mission statement and disclaimer. Pax were encouraged to modify the exercises as needed. And as only veteran PAX were present, we began with a short mosey around the lair before circling up for the…


  • SSH X 10 IC
  • Imperial Walkers X 10 IC
  • Sun Gods X 10 (forward) IC
  • Chinooks X 10 IC
  • Sun Gods X 10 (reverse) IC
  • Don Quixote X 10 (Abe Vigoda Style)
  • Willie Mays Hays X 10 IC (5 on each side)
  • String Ripper X 10 IC

Pax instructed to carry dumbbells from COP/Shovel Flag to Station A of the THE THANG for further instructions.


PAX were divided into three teams of 4 & one team of 5. Each team started at one of the four stations, performed listed exercises in total (modified if needed) and then moved to the next station as indicated. PAX with each team took turns calling cadence/reps for the exercises, which could be performed OYO or together.

Station A – Alabama (Dumbbells)
20 reps/exercise

• Curls (Regular or Hammer)
• Bent Over Row
• Tricep Kickback/Skull Crusher
• Lateral Raise
• Reverse Lunge (5/side then switch)
• Romanian Deadlift

Run to Station B

Station B – NC State (Drago/DJ Burns Balls)
20 reps/exercise

• Squat Thrusters
• Low Slow Flutter w/ Ball Overhead
• Murder Bunnies (*using ball, between cones)
• Ball Merkins
• WWII (holding ball at chest)
• Diagonal Raises (5 each side, switch)

Left Defensive Slide to Station C

Station C – Purdue (Cinder Blocks)
20 reps/exercise

• Cusack (standing 20 count)
• Calf Raises (24: 8 reps/muscle – in, out, center)
• Block Swing
• Lateral Step/Jump Overs
• Bench Press
• Squats with Curls

Backwards Run to Station D

Station D – UConn (Cardio/Full Body)
20 reps/exercise

• Side Straddle Hop
• Mountain Climbers
• Goofballs
• Bobby Hurley’s
• Plank Jacks
• Ski Hops

Right Defensive Slide to Station A

We finished one complete circuit and mostly the first station of circuit #2 (with a modified rep count of 10) before Omaha was called. We ran a recovery lap around the four stations to collect the PAX and return to the shovel flag.

6 Minutes of Mary:

  • Over/Unders X 10 IC (hold at end)
  • Low Slow Flutters X 10 IC (hold at end)
  • High Dollies X 10 IC
  • Freddie Mercuries X 10 IC
  • Cindy Crawford X 10 IC (each side)
  • American Hammers X 10



  • TClaps to LYnda & Houlihan for bringing the DRAGO BALLS and cinderblocks. Appreciate you guys showing up early with the #coupons and helping me set up.
  • Our awesome Site Q Fannie put out a great pre-blast on Slack, that I co-opted to Twitter/X, and share once more for your review & enjoyment here:, but I felt compelled to answer the call to add music DJ to my Q this morning. So you boys were stuck with a shuffle of my eclectic running mix. Here was today’s THANG playlist: Click Click Boom (Saliva), Pick Up the Pieces (Average White Band), Run to the Hills (Iron Maiden), Sex Machine (James Brown), Welcome to the Jungle (Guns & Roses), Enter Sandman (Metallica)
  • Congrats to 50cc on running & completing his first 10K race on Saturday. We all heard your stretch groan during the Don Quixote.
  • Great to see you, Canary, this morning. You seemed to be moving fast and with a purpose, as usual.
  • YHC took a poll during the post workout Coffeeteria (at the ‘Bou) and Station B – NC State (Drago/DJ Burns Balls) was voted today’s National Champ, as it was clearly the hardest  station. Coincidentally, those exercises also took the longest! #MurderBunnies Could this be a good omen for the Wolfpack in Phoenix this weekend???
  • Matlock took us out in the COT, reminding us to be thankful for what we have and where we are and to seek the positive. Appreciate those strong words and for all of you guys for showing up and working hard today!

Always and honor and privilege to Q – thanks again for the opportunity!