Date: 03/20/2024

AO: Natty’s Hump (CCLD 3rd time)

CCLD 1st time 3/11/2024 @ J-Town Beatdown

CCLD 2nd time 3/12/2024 @ Fenceline

Well, this workout has been a pleasure to create and dish out. It’ll be on my regular rotation so be aware. I welcomed the PAX and thanked everyone for coming for the Substi-Q for Poehler. I proclaimed the mission and disclaimer, and we got down to business.

Warm-a-Rama: I started at the shovel flag and led the PAX around the parking lot’s outer realm, pointing out cones & winkies as we gained warmth. Stopped halfway around: Side straddle toe touches x12 iC, Sun gods x12 (back/forth) iC, Imperial Squats x12 iC, and continued mosey ending near the shovel flag, then finishing with Side straddle hops x20 iC.

The Thang: 

Q explained there are four colored stations; orange, green, blue, and red with four exercises each; around the parking lot under designated lights. Q had the PAX count off 1-2 to establish their partner. Q pointed out the “goody bag” sitting with the shovel bag. You or your partner must grab a *slip of paper from the “goody bag.” On it, you will see a designated color and specific number, “Color Coded Luck of the Draw,” The color tells you & your partner what station to start and the number directs which exercise to start 1st. Complete all exercises in numerical order beginning with the number on the *slip of paper. Once all exercises are complete mosey back to the “goody bag,” and draw another *slip of paper. Whatever color and number you or your partner grab it’s your fate! RINSE & REPEAT until OMAHA!

Station Orange exercises: 1. Crab Cakes x15 iC, 2. Imperial Squats x15 iC, 3. Heel Touches x15 iC, 4. Lunges x20

Station Green exercises: 1. Alt. Shoulder Taps x15 iC, 2. Crunchy Frogs x15 iC, 3. Jump Squats x20, 4. Hand Release Merkins x20

Station Blue exercises: 1. Monkey Humpers x10 iC, 2. Plank Jacks w/Merkins x15 iC, 3. Box Cutters x20 iC, 4. Copperhead Squats x20

Station Red exercises: 1. Freddie Mercuries x20 iC, 2. Mike Tysons x10, 3. Wojo Squats x20, 4. Low Slow Flutters x20 iC

*Write numbers 1 – 4 four times labeling each orange, green, blue, or red to create the “slips of paper” for the “goody bag.” There should be four sets of numbers each for the four various colors and place them in a bag of your choice. The bag can be placed anywhere within the workout zone; a central location for drawing. 

6MOM: Body Destroyer x12 iC, E2K x6 iC each side, Heel-2-Heaven x12 iC, Low Dollies x12 iC, and American Hammers x20 iC. I appreciate the opportunity to lead.

Name-O-Rama: Roy Clark, City (Respect), Birds Nest (RESPECT), Gilligan, White Lighting, Extra Point, Sugar Cake (RESPECT), Jiggles, Scooby-Doo (RESPECT), Ozone (RESPECT), Butt Fumble, J-Love (RESPECT), Snowflake (RESPECT), Bones, Radiator (Double RESPECT), Sacked (RESPECT), Bobby Slope, Ricola, and Flo Jo on the QiC  

COT: Announcements/Check Shenanigans

Prayer led by City Slicker.

“Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you find him!” 

God Bless,

Dale Slaughter, 44, FloJo