As an unwritten tradition goes, many men of Natville like to take the Q on their birthday. Therefore, a few weeks ago I found the Q at Sweat Angel was open on March 7, YHC’s 48th birthday. As a non-running AO, it was easy to come up with a preliminary plan. A little planning and tweaking and BOOM, a beatdown is born.

Luckily, YHC had hints of more than usual attendance at the AO. This AO typically has 3-8 men post on a Thursday morning. Who knew what to expect? 24, 30-maybe. Well they just kept rolling in. The plan was for station work and the stations were set far enough apart to avoid too much crowding. The disclaimer was given. Injury check was made- told those men to modify as needed; others would be heckled for avoiding wetness or whatever their emotional (lack of want to) reason. FNG check = empty set.

PAX: Six Pack, Maneater, Slumlord, Bobbly knight, Bushwood, Pea Shooter, Drsdale, Poehler, Hugger, Huggies, Annie Oakley, Wojo, Saban, Flo Jo, Detention, Cowbell, Waterboy, Sacked, Houllian, bulldog, butterball, JayHawk, Centerfold, Flight Attentendant, Finkle, Ma Meatloaf, Short track, Eggplant, Snooki, TPS, Udders, Crawlspace, Matlock, Drizzle, Windmill, 3 for 1, Ribeye, Bruce Lee, Lynda, Guiding Light, Norwood, Eyeroll, Gilligan, Scooby Doo, Hermey, DQ, Xerox, Graffiti,  Nancy, Golden Corral, Huffy, Short Squeeze, Hazmat, Etch-a-sketch, Cornhole, Jingles, STP, Crash, Don’t You Know, Stretch, Phoenix, Bodett (QIC)


Imperial Walkers x 12 IC

Sting Rippers x 12 IC

Merkins x 12 IC

Sungods x 12 IC – forward

X 12 IC – reverse


8 stations with 4 exercises each. 12 reps of each exercise as indicated move to next station. Share question for your 10 count if needed

Partner up, height matters. We numbered off with 2-3 sets of partners at each station.

Station 1:

Partner Hand clap merkin x 12

** T-Bar Merkin (with weight) x 12

Diamond Merkin x 12

Werkin (wide merkin x 12

Also born on March 7: Rene Gagnon- US Marine shown in photograph of the Raising of the Flag on Iwo Jima. Born 1925 in Manchester New Hampshire. Died 1979

Partner Question?  =  What members of your family have served in the armed forces?


Station 2:

Turkish get-up x 12

Burpee x 12

Prisoner get-up x 12

Catalina Wine Mixer –as selected by pax on Slack x 12

Catalina Wine Mixer = Start in high plank position (arms straight), go down to elbow plank one arm at a time, then back to high plank, complete a merkin = 1 rep

ALSO born on March 7: BRYAN CRANSTON – Actor (better known as Walter White [Breaking Bad], also in Malcom in the Middle). Born 1956 in Canoga Park, California

Partner Question?? = What has been a binge-worthy show you have watched?

Station 3:

**Lunge with weight pass though x 12

**Weighted Wojo Squat x 12

**Gobblet Squat x 12

**Weighted heel raises

ALSO born on March 7: BOBO HOLLOMAN –American Baseball pitcher with St. Louis Browns that threw a no-hitter in his MLB debut. Born in Thomaston, Georgia 1923. Died in 1987

Partner Question ?? = What is the most memorable sporting event you have attended in person?

Station 4:

WWI sit ups x 12

WWII sit ups x 12

LBC x 12

ETK (Elbow to Knee) x 12 each side

Also born on March 7:  Janet Guthrie – American auto racer who was the first woman to race in the Indianapolis 500 & Daytona 500. Also the first woman to lead a lap in the NASCAR Winston Cup Series. Born in Iowa City, Iowa; 1938

Partner Question ?? – What is the fastest you have ever driven a car?

Station 5:

Partner work:

**Sandbag over/unders x 12 each direction

**Sandbag bucket brigade (side/side) x 12 each direction

Also born on March 7: Tammy Faye Bakker (maiden- nee’ Messner) – American Christian singer and former wife of Jim Bakker of The PTL Club.  Born 1942 in International Falls, Minnesota (died 2007)

And Michael Eisner – American long time CEO of Walt Disney. Born 1942 in Mount Kisco, New York

Partner Question ?? – What is your favorite amusement park ride and where is it?

Bonus- how are both these people related to this question?


Station 6:


**Curls x 12 each arm

**Lateral Side arm raises x 12

**Tricep Kickbacks x 12 each arm [overhead tricep extensions are bad for your shoulder]

**Front Lateral Raise x 12 each arm

Also born on March 7: 1950-Franco Harris- American Pro Football HOF running back (Super Bowl 1974(MVP), ’75, ’78, ’79; 9 time Pro Bowl, First Team All Pro 1977 for Pittsburgh Steelers. Born in Fort Dix, New Jersey (died 2022)

And 1952-Lynn Swann – American College & Pro Football HOF wide receiver (USC, Super Bowl 1974, ‘75(MVP), ’78, ’79; 3 time Pro Bowl, First Team All Pro 1978. Born in Alcoa, Tennesse

And 1968 Ricky Proehl- American college (Wake Forest) and Pro (Seahawks, Bears, Panthers). Founder of Proehlific Park in Greensboro. Born in New York City, NY.

Partner Question ?? – What NFL team do you follow/pull for and why? Who is your favorite all-time NFL player?


Station 7:

Low Dolly x 12 IC

LSF x 12 IC

Box Cutters x 12 IC

High Dolly (Rosalita) x 12 IC

Also born on March 7: 1998 Amanda Gorman – Poet and activist who delivered the poem “The Hill We Climb” at President Joe Biden’s inauguration. Born in Los Angeles, California

Partner Question ?? – Do you have a favorite Poem? A favorite or recommended book?


Station 8:

Jump ropes x 12 IC

SSH x 12 IC

Line jumps side/side x 12 IC

Line jumps-front/back x 12 IC

Also born March 7: 1887 North Carolina College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts (NC A&M)(now NC State University), a land grant University (practical education) ‘to feed and provide for the people of North Carolina and fix the problem 27 miles westward’. Both established by General Assembly and located in Raleigh, NC

Partner Question ?? – Share a teacher/professor in your life and the school that had great influence on your life.



Cindy Crawford right side x 12 IC

LBC x 12 IC

Cindy Crawford left side x 12 IC

American Hammer x 12 IC



  • Remember Slag and his family; service is Saturday at 1400 (2:00pm), see slack and newsletter for details


  • Much love felt by YHC for the idea of a convergence for my Q. I have really appreciated the support of the pax in my battle. It is easier with a community. I remember Wojo, Matlock, TPS from my 40th birthday Q; guys it is great to have been sharing the gloom with you for over 8 years.
  • Ma Meatloaf, my partner for the workout, good to meet you. Hope to see you in the gloom again.
  • I hope the pax had fun and learned some trivia and possibly something about the guy beside them.
  • Awesome to see Cornhole again, YHC believes it was pre-pandemic since we crossed paths.
  • #Kotters to Annie Oakley (at least for me). Awesome to see you in the gloom. I miss our discussions at weekly Q-Source. Continued prayers for an amicable resolution in Israel.
  • Hope to have many more birthday Qs with you guys!
  • YHC took us out reading how we need to remember the greater good and what that means. It will take men like us to pick up the pieces for those who are broken or when the _____ hits the fan.