Date: February 19, 2024

Weather: Clear, 29 degrees, but feels like 25

PAX: Ozone, Cornhole, Bulldog, Eyeroll (War Baby), Nails, Footloose, Bobby Knight, Udders, Wojo (QIC & War Daddy)

No Site Qs and no shovel flag today, no problem! And while you may have been expecting Woo as your Q today, you got YHC, your crusty, old former Nantan. But none of today’s rock stars posted to take it easy or even push to the normal limit. You posted today to do a little more and give a little extra…

No, we would not be stopping at 1o today. These PAX were looking for that “extra push over the cliff, [so] we go to 11.” Just like the boys in Spinal Tap!

At 5:30, YHC welcome eight over achievers with the F3 mission statement and a proper disclaimer. I followed that with the notice that we’ll be doing a little more today.

“These go to 11!”

We got to it by moseying from the parking lot to the Price Park Rd T intersection.


  • SSH X 11 IC
  • Wille Mays Hayes X 11 IC
  • Imperial Walker X 11 IC
  • Sungods X 11 IC (forward & reverse)


Part 1 – Merkin Ladder

  • From the WOR intersection, starting on the road with 1 merkin, up the hill – 2 merkins, back down to road – 3 merkins, back up – 4 merkins. It goes to 11

Standing 10 count, then mosey down the hill, then right to the bridge for Dips & Irkins – both to 11 (single count)

Part 2 – Lt. Dan Ladder

  • This was not the usual 1 squat, 2 lunge Lt. Dan. We did a ladder of these, meaning 1/4, 2/8, 3/12, etc., all the way up to 11 squats and 44 walking lunges. Maybe other rock stars would only go to 10 Lt Dans. “These go to 11!”

As we were back at the bridge, we knocked out another set of dips (to 11, of course). Mosey back up to the WOR intersection.

Part 3 – Jack Webb (aka Jackhole) Ladder

  • 1 merkin followed by 4 air presses, in a ladder up to 11/44! The merkin very quickly becomes the easier component of the Jack Webb as the air got really heavy.

As we were really tight on time, we scurried back to the parking area (absent of the shovel flag).


  • Low Slow Flutters X 11 IC
  • American Hammers X 11 IC


  • Solid work and a fun group today. There was not much mumblechatter during the THANG, as the ladders won, especially the Lt. Dans. Cobains for the coming soreness in the back, glutes, and legs, not to mention the inability to reach up above our heads to get anything down in the kitchen tonight. #TyrannosaurusArms #NoLegs
  • Bobby Knight has Q tomorrow at Shake & Bake and then Friday at Son of a Bench, which is a trifecta big day for him. Post Friday to find out why!
  • Still time to sign up for Nordikanda to either run or to help with refreshments. Check out the Sign Up Genius and sign up. Also on March 2 (that same day), Wakanda celebrates its 5th anniversary so runners will descend upon the bootcampers and we’ll have a great 2nd F celebration! FYI, Cornwallis’ Nightmare will be converging at Wakanda on that day.
  • Prayer requests were made and will be remembered – Slag’s family, Haz-Mat (on the loss of his mom), and others.

YHC took us out w/ a shield lock shout out.

Have a great week and be sure to stretch tonight, boys!

– Wojo