F3 Sgt. Dale Nix Hero WOD 

  • Friday, February 2nd, 2024 (Sgt. Nix’s 51st birthday) 
  • 0530 – 0615… 
  • 40º F, perfect gloom  


The downtown Greensboro gloom was illuminated by the cherries and berries of GPD cruisers lining the Washington Street corridor between the Greensboro Police Department and the Greensboro Municipal Complex. Officers on patrol staged their cruisers as a way of participating in the morning’s event, honoring their fallen colleague. 


74 High Impact Community Leaders, including 6 FNGs! descended upon the AO – the Greensboro Police Department Headquarters to pay homage to and remember an Ultimate HIM: Sgt. Dale Nix.  

Curb Appeal, Shocker – RESPECT, Puddles – RESPECT, Radiator – RESPECT, Tommy Boy, Nails – RESPECT, Tiger, Bedpan, Gronk, Daugherty – RESPECT, Explosion, Bones, Jingles, Matlock – RESPECT , Barney, Deepdish, DQ, Amicus, Finkle, Blowout, Houlihan, Xerox – RESPECT, Ricola, Fannie, Stinky Cheese – RESPECT, Sandpiper, Saban, Rameses, Flo Jo, Etch a Sketch – RESPECT, Poehler, Phoenix – RESPECT, Gekko, Simone, JLove – RESPECT, Amphibious, Gilligan, Sacked – RESPECT, Drysdale – RESPECT, Settlement, Driftah, Jayhawk, Flight Attendant, Dont Cha Know – RESPECT, Guiding Light – RESPECT, Crawlspace – RESPECT, Norwood – RESPECT, Earhart, 3 for 1, Adam Marshall – FNG (now F3 Hair Trigger), Tammy – RESPECT, Everest – RESPECT, Bunny Slope, Graffiti – RESPECT, Twinkle Toes, Sully, Jeremiah Little – FNG (now F3 Overstock), Darriel Mack – FNG (now F3 Blindside), E Ellsworth – FNG (now F3 House Arrest), Wojo – RESPECT, Lynda – RESPECT, Pee Shooter, Pacer – RESPECT, Roy Clark, Toya Anderson – FNG (now F3 Pickleball), HazMat – RESPECT, STP – RESPECT, Centerfold, Butt Fumble, Lady Stephanie Martis – FNG (now F3 Lady Boss), Akron, Ginko – RESPECT, Gunny – RESPECT – coQIC, Bruce Lee – coQIC  

We began our morning with an affirmation of the one singular mission of F3: 

The Mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership 

Gunny shared appropriate introductions to F3, the intent of the workout, and the sequence of events for the day. Some Pax who helped provide Rucks, Sandbags, and additional implements of burden loaded up and the Pax as a whole moseyed to the adjacent Carolina Theatre parking lot for warmarama, led by Gunny: 

The Warm-A-Rama 

  • Side Straddle Hops x 25 IC 
  • Windmills  
  • String Rippers  
  • Crab cakes  

With a warmarama accomplished the Pax made their way across the street and up to the center plaza of the Municipal Complex for further instruction about The Hero WOD, led by Bruce Lee:  

The Thang 

Pax tripled up for a good old fashioned 3-person grinder. Each three-person team picked up a burden (Ruck, Sandbag, or other implement) 

Weinkie’s were placed up at the W end of the plaza along the courthouse building, this would serve as station A. Exercises are included below. YHC conveyed the meaning behind the 150 count. The Nix family has a legacy of public service. Including Sgt. Nix’s grandfather, his father, and his brothers (all Firefigthers) along with Sgt. Nix, they have contributed 150 years of public service. The Pax were asked to consider the significance of that impact as they grinded through the exercises. The team kept account of their collective reps and once they completed the first exercise they would move on to the next: 

  • 150 Hand Release Burpees 
  • 150 Squats 
  • 150 T Bar Merkins 
  • 150 Star Jumps 
  • 150 Lt Dans 

Another set of Weinke’s were placed at the E end of the plaza surrounding the Millennium Gate statue. A member of the 3-person team was instructed to AMRAP the following exercises until relieved. The first time a Pax was at this station they worked on the first exercise. The second time a Pax was at this station they worked on the second exercise, and so on: 

  • Step Ups (or static hold Al-Gore) 
  • Dipettes (or static hold dip) 
  • Bulgarian Split squats (10/10 each leg, repeat) 
  • Alternating V-ups 
  • Triple Bear 

The Pax member moving between the two stations did so carrying the burden, they would relieve their partner, pass off the burden to that partner who would carry it to the next station, relieve their partner, pass off the burden, and continue until:


Omaha was called and all 74 Pax assembled on the lower level on the E side of the plaza and circled up for the last two exercises.  

  • 150 Count Merkin ring of fire, and  

February 2 would have been Sgt. Nix’s 51st birthday, so in remembrance of him: 

  • 51 American Hammers in Cadence  


With the beatdown complete, we moseyed back to the Greensboro Police Department for the:  


Chief of Police, John Thompson shared some words of remembrance with those assembled, and then Gunny shared some words, honoring Sgt. Nix and charging the Pax to live in a similar way to what Sgt. Nix modeled – a life in service to others.  


We then took time for the Namarama, including bestowing F3 names upon the 6 Greensboro Police officers who joined us as FNGs! 

A truly memorable morning that will serve to further invigorate all who partook. Pax, continue to share, continue to look out for one another and our community. Aye! 

One of the news stations developed this report that aptly captured the heart and intent of the Sgt. Nix Hero WOD: https://spectrumlocalnews.com/nc/charlotte/news/2024/02/03/sgt-phillip-dale-nix 

We’ll run it back, with some insights from this one, in the future.