Date: 1/15/24

Weather: 60 degrees with a breeze (8.8 mph from the SSW)

PAX: FloJo, Ozone, Wojo (QIC)

I expected a small group today, but I also expected a steady rain. Luckily for FloJo, Ozone and YHC, we stayed dry (except for when we were on our 6). 60 degrees in January is always a treat!

At straight up 5:30 I welcomed FloJo and Ozone, stated the F3 mission and disclaimer and gave a preview of the Thang – that today will be a participation Q. With no other vehicles coming in hot, we ran south around the front parking loop and circled up on the other side (but even with the shovel flag) to get warmed up.


  • SSH x 12 IC
  • IW x 12 IC
  • Sungods x 12 IC (forward & reverse) – sobriety style (one leg up)
  • Don Quixote (Abe Vigoda Style) x 12 IC
  • lateral and upper hamstring stretch from windmill position
  • String Rippers x 12 IC

Warm up mosey to the big parking lot below the tennis courts for the main event!

THANG I – Participatory 4 Corners

I ‘borrowed’ 4 traffic cones from the school and set them up in a big rectangle. At each corner was a different exercise ‘class’ with recommended rep range. We rotated choosing and leading the exercises at each station. After each exercise, we ran a lap around the rectangle then advanced to the next station. Here is how it went:

Upper Body Station (10-20 reps/exercise)

  • Merkins X 15 – Wojo
  • Nolan Ryans X 10 IC (each Side) – FloJo
  • Burpees X 12 – Wojo (oops – broke in line)

Lower Body Station (20+ reps/exercise)

  • Lunges X 10 (each leg) – FloJo
  • Copperhead Squats X 20 IC – Ozone
  • Calf Raises X 20 – Ozone

Ab Station (15+ reps/exercise)

  • Crunchy Frog X 15 IC – Ozone
  • Low Slow Flutter X 20 IC – Wojo
  • Heel Touches X 20 IC – FloJo

Cardio Station (Qs choice)

  • Side Straddle Hop X 20 IC – Wojo
  • Mountain Climbers X 15 IC – FloJo
  • Suicide up the long side of the rectangle hill – Ozone

THANG 2 – Wall Work

After returning the school’s traffic cones, we did a little wall work before moseying back to the shovel flag.

  • Wall Sits X 60
  • Balls to the Wall X 30

Mosey back to the flag.


  • American Hammer X 12 IC


Announcements & Moleskin

  • TClaps to FloJo and Ozone for joining today and for being part of the participatory Q. Exercises were not scripted today and we covered 2.32 miles. Hard work works! #DRP
  • Come to the Sgt Dale Nix Hero WOD on Feb 2 – meet at GPD instead of Uptown Funk. Gunny/Bruce Lee will Q.
  • Sign up for and talk up the Nordikanda on March 2. And there is about a week left to order the kick a** sweatshirt!
  • Reach out to guys you haven’t seen and check on each other. This is how we build a stronger community.

Thanks for the opportunity to Q today, FloJo!