Date: January 17, 2024

Weather: Clear 15 degrees F (7 degree feels like)

PAX: Graffiti, Haz Mat, Lynda, Poehler, Don’t Cha Know, Drysdale, Huggies (War Baby), Crawl Space, Everest (War Daddy), Wojo (QIC)

Brrr, Chilly! On a COLD morning like today, you quickly find out who wants to really #accelerate through F3 workouts. Today’s #DailyRedPill, from a conditions standpoint, went down a little harsher than normal. But who has it better than us??? NOBODY!

As the official start time for Local Honey is 0532, the PAX were getting cold and a little irritable waiting for Drysdale to arrive, so I began with the introductions, F3 Mission Statement and disclaimer while he was pulling in. #ComingIn Hot

We began with a mosey from the Commerce Place parking area to the new parking deck between N. Eugene and N. Edgeworth Streets, where we circled up on the Eugene Street entrance ground level.


  • SSH X 12 IC
  • Sungods X 12 IC (forward)
  • Chinooks X 12 IC
  • Moroccan Night Clubs X 12 IC
  • Sungods X 12 IC (reverse)
  • OYO Michael Phelps
  • Imperial Walkers X 12 IC
  • String Rippers X 12 IC, add right & left lateral stretch
  • Don Quixote (Abe Vigoda Style) X 12 IC
  • Goof Balls X 12 IC

Mosey as a group to 3 floor of parking deck (Eugene Street side)


I. The Dirty MacDeuce (Long Play Edition)

F3 Co-Founder OBT’s favorite workout routine – three exercise set (upper body, lower body, abs) with 12 reps/exercise, followed by a run around the parking deck. It’s usually 3 sets, but we extended it to 5 this morning. Here’s how it went:

  • Set 1: Merkins (single count), Copperhead Squats (IC), High Dollies (IC), run a lap
  • Set 2 -Diamond Merkins (single count), Bobby Hurleys (IC), Dying Cockroaches (IC), run a lap
  • Set 3 – Wide Merkins (single count), Lunges (both legs = 1), Freddy Mercury (IC), run a lap
  • Set 4 – Ranger Merkins (single count), Wojo Squats (single count), Box Cutters (IC), run a lap
  • Set 5 – Chuck Norris Merkins/Knerkins (single count), Bonnie Blairs, Monkey Humpers, run a lap

II. Partner B.L.I.M.PS. – Partner up, Partner A stays and begins exercises (AMRAP), while Partner B runs to the other end of the parking deck ramp and performs 1 burpee, Runner B returns & Flapjack

  • Burpees
  • Lunges
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Merkins
  • Plank Jacks
  • Squats

III. Wall Sits X 60 seconds

Indian Run mosey back through parking deck to the shovel flag


  • American Hammers X 12 IC


Moleskin & Announcements

  • 1.71 miles covered today. Great work everyone! My goal was to keep everyone moving (warm) and you all did the work. Special shout out to Graffiti and Poehler for pushing it during the run portion of the Dirty MacDeuce.
  • TClaps to Drysdale for providing music for the workout – great demonstration of the external speaker that is up for winning by signing up to Q at JTown Beatdown. Get on it, folks!
  • Impressive work by Huggies to be out splinter running BY HIMSELF in this morning’s frigidity!
  • Still time to join tonight’s special 2nd F event (UNC-G Basketball game). Tickets are $10/each. Reach out to Poehler (event Q) to get your tickets. As of this morning, we have 25ish attending. He will be at Steel Hands at 5:30 this afternoon for ticket distribution and HDHH. Join us!
  • Haz-Mat is Qing at Stampede tomorrow and has his 9th F3 Anniversary Q this Saturday at Cornwallis’ Nightmare. Thanks for your leadership, brother!
  • There were several prayers requests and shout outs during the COT. Of note, Bodett goes to Duke Univ. Hospital today for a second opinion on his diagnosis. He and his family move out of their home today while their floors are redone.
  • Coffeeteria at Tate Street Coffeehouse after COT.

Don’t Cha Know took us out in COT

Thanks for the Q opportunity today, Lynda!