Datec 01/13/2023

AO: Cornwallis Nightmare

Well, when you wake up 15 minutes before 7 AM, the only thing to do is get there as fast as possible without injuring yourself and getting a traffic ticket. I made it out of the house in record time and, at the same time texted the site Q: Wojo, “Comin in hot, warm them up.” Once I arrived Wojo was completing Sun Gods to which I took over and asked, “Ya’ll warmed up?!” From there I led the PAX on a mosey toward the YMCA building parking lot.

Warm-a-Rama: Done by Wojo for a late QiC! Much appreciated sir! Wojo mentioned that the PAX gave him flack, sooooooooo…

Thang #1: Q stopped at a set of picnic tables and the mini wall on the side of the YMCA building. Q lead PAX with Step-ups x20 iC, Dips x20 iC, Inclined Merkins x20 iC. I believe the PAX was attentive after that. PAX continued to the parking lot area stopping at the wooden fence in front of the baseball field. Q had the PAX count off in 1-2-3.

Q explains this will be a 3-man Grider. Where the PAX stood was Station Area #1 and the adjacent entrance of the parking lot was Station Area #2. Station Area #1 1st exercise: Bobby Hurlies AMRAP. 2nd exercise: Carolina Dry Docks AMRAP. Station Area #2 1st exercise: Copperhead Squats AMRAP. 2nd exercise: Squats AMRAP. Partner one starts at Station Area #1, Partners 2 & 3 go to Station Area #2, Partner 2 starts to exercise and then Partner 3 comes back to Station Area #1 to relieve Partner 1. Grinder continues until OMAHA!  A simple but effective plan!

PAX completed about 3 or 4 rounds of the Grinder and OMAHA was called. Q asked 2 PAX members for a 10 count and QiC gave a 10 count as well; 10 Natville, 9 Natville, 8 Natville, 7 Natville, 6 Natville, 5 Natville, 4 Natville, 3 Natville, 2 Natville, there is only 1 Natville! Q led PAX Mosey back to the shovel flag.

6MOM: Heel Touches x15 iC, Flutter kicks x15 iC, Low Dollies x15 iC, Freddie Murceries x15 iC, and American Hammers x20 iC. I appreciate the opportunity to lead.

Name-O-Rama: Wojo (RESPECT), Settement, Center-fold, Windmill (RESPECT), Mud Flapp, (RESPECT), Stretch (RESPECT), Yeti (RESPECT), Schnitzel (RESPECT), Sacked (RESPECT), Hop Scotch, Sir Isaac (RESPECT), Xerox (RESPECT), 50 CC’s – splitter runner (RESPECT), and FloJo on the QiC  

COT: Announcements/Check Shenanigans/All who can support the Wakanda campus clean-up!

Prayer led by QiC.

“Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you find him!” 

God Bless,

Dale Slaughter, 44, FloJo