DATE: 1-6-2024   AO: Cornwallis Nightmare

PAX: 9         Phoenix, Schnitzel, Wojo, Eggplant, Tommy Boy, Matlock, Hazmat, Bodett, QIC – Sacked

On a rainy cold morning 9 PAX including YHC took our DRP at the Nightmare. Mumble Chatter was present for the entire hour. After all were gathered at the Shovelflag on time we made our way over to the shelter by the Lewis Center and circled up. With a welcome and the mission delivered we got right to it.


  • Phelps x 10ic
  • Mountain Climbers x 10ic
  • Imperial Walkers x 10ic
  • Sun Gods x 10ic both directions
  • Don Quixote x 10ic



The thang for today was a Clock Station workout with the Orange Bucket with EC reps in the center. Each PAX member picked a starting station and we always moved clockwise after each set. 12 O’clock was the trigger station and the opening count was 20 for Round 1, 16 for Round 2 and 3, and 10 for the lightning round. At anytime a Pax member could waive their next station and choose to take on the middle bucket exercises. Key if you went to the middle you had to stay there for 2 exercises before moving on.

  • 12 O’clock    – WW1 Situps
  • 1 O’clock      – Merkins
  • 2 O’clock      – Monkey Humpers
  • 3 O’clock      – WW11 Situps
  • 4 O’clock      – Curls
  • 5 O’clock       – Bobby Hurley’s
  • 6 O’clock       – Pickle Pushers
  • 7 O’clock       – Overhead Press with Sandbag
  • 8 O’clock       – Squats
  • 9 O’clock      – Homer – Marge
  • 10 O’clock    – Tricep Kickbacks
  • 11 O’clock     – Lunges
  • Bucket of Pain
    • Sandbag Burpees
    • Al Core Sandbag


  • American Hammer x 5ic


  1. After the C Nightmare workout on Saturday Jan 13 head over to Wakanda for an AO cleanup. Coffee and Biscuits will be present
  2. All F3 guys interested plan to participate in the Sgt Nix Memorial Ride, Run, Walk on Sunday January 14 keep an eye out on Slack and Twitter for details
  3. We have quite a few guys on the IR with various injuries. Make sure we all reach out and check on a fellow PAX member to see if they need anything.
  4. Brueggers 2nd F following the workout


  • Awesome group of salty vets this morning. Not an easy morning for folks to get out in the gloom. TClaps
  • 1 hour of high level mumble chatter does the soul well. Monkey Humpers and Pickle Pushers in closed circle always deliver the chatter
  • Some sounds that were coming out during certain exercises…… no words….. 🙂
  • We are thankful that Phoenix survived Schnitzels wayward sandbag burpee toss.
  • TClaps to the guys who took on the middle bucket exercises. Several double dipped. Well done
  • Thanks to all the guys who brought extra sandbags
  • Rep counts were done in English, German, French, Spanish, and not sure what that other language was.
  • Great start to the day!!