AO- Fenceline 11/28/23
PAX: Radiator, respect
Dontcha Know, respect
Ozone, respect

Rucking Pax: Blue Oyster, respect
Gilligan, Bio-borg
Long Time, respect
Scooby Doo, respect

QIC: Crawlspace

WAR: boring
Front lunges 45 secs
Inch worm to merkin 45 secs
Squat 45 secs
Lateral Lunge 45 secs
LBC hold 45 secs
Dead bug 45 secs
Sideline merkin w/leg raise option, 45 secs then flapjack
Dead bug 45 secs
Sideline merkin 45 secs, flapjack
Dead bug 45 secs
Sideling merking 45 secs, flapjack

3 Minute AMRAP sessions
#1 Bear plank w/shoulder tap & renegade row x 8 (32 arm movements)
Lateral lunge, squat, lateral lunge x8
Mountain climber x 8

#2 Sprinter situp x 10
Ranger Merkin x 10
Frog Groiner x 10

# Nolan Ryan x 12, flapjack
Glute bridge w/leg extension x 12, flapjack

Omaha for Mary
Peoples Mary

A privilege to lead.