AO: Wakanda

Date: Saturday, November 18,2023

PAX: Chewy, Tesla, Nomex, HBO, Spare Time, YHC

QiC: Boy Wonder

Boxers are some of the fittest athletes on the planet. PAX endured a grueling workout based upon the routines of most successful boxers in history.



Slowsy around the traffic circle (2X), then to bus  lot

SSH- 10 IC

Toy Soldiers- 10 IC

Imperial Walkers- 10 IC

Hillbillies- 10 IC

Sun Gods- 10 IC back, then forward

Modified Abe Vigoda- 10 IC

Burpees- 3


The Thang:

Do three rounds of the circuit. Two sets of each, with a 10 count recovery between, then move to next.

Tricept Dips on benches- 10 IC x2

Overhead Squats w bricks- 10 IC x2

Mike Tysons- 10 IC x2

Curb Taps (Curb Shuffle)- 10 IC x2

Sit Ups (any style)- 10 x2

Imperial Walkers- 10 IC x2

Jump Rope- 30 sec w 15 sec recovery x2

Lt Dans- 5 x2

Rinse and repeat



LBCs- 15 IC

Homer to Marge

Freddy Mercuries- 15 IC

American Hammer- 15 IC



Prayers, love and good vibrations to our brother Don’t Cha Know on his loss.

Transparency around physical health.

Reminder that the most important thing in doing anything is your “why.”

Thanksgiving challenge: Do something, say  something, be something that someone else can say that they are thankful for.