Date: November 9, 2023

PAX: Matlock, Eggplant, Crash, Frappuccino, Long Time (War Baby), Radiator (War Daddy), Wojo (QIC)

Playlist: Wojo’s running mix (sans speaker) #Cobains

The best thing about getting to Q Sweat Angel is that I get to step out of my comfort zone (running & running bootcamps) and think creatively about designing a coupon workout. Luckily I know a guy with a GREAT workout coupon toy box. Hey Matlock!!

With the clock at 5:30 on a perfect workout morning, I welcomed 7 pax members who made the hard choice to beat the #fartsack and take their #DailyRedPill. I recited the mission statement, provided the necessary disclaimer and told everyone that (hopefully) by the end of the workout, they might all be mad at me and wish they were running. Hence, #BlameShocker (who just happened to be out of town)!

We stepped away from the circle of coupons to warm up and prepare for the #paintrain that followed.


  • SSH X 15 (IC)
  • Imperial Walkers X 15 (IC)
  • Goofballs X 15 (IC)
  • Sungods X 10 (IC) – both forward & reverse
  • Mountain Climbers X 10 (IC)
  • Don Quixote X 10 (IC)
  • String Rippers X 10 (IC)

Pax stepped back over to the circle of coupons for the…


The seven Pax were instructed to choose one of the seven stations around the #CircleOfPain. They could use the provided coupon at each station or they could modify to either lighter or heavier weight to fit what they wanted. The Farmers Carry was the rotation push station. All other stations AMRAP until told to rotate. #YouAgainstYou

  • Squat Thrusters (40# sandbag)
  • Thor’s Hammer (hold old, heavy sledge hammer as low as possible on the handle) – switch hands when fatigues
  • Kettlebell Swings (35# KB)
  • Farmer’s Carry – carry 2 heavy buckets across parking lot, do 2 burpees, carry buckets back
  • WWIII Sit-Ups (30# ruck weight) – chest press, sit-up, overhead press, repeato
  • Tire Flips (Matlock’s big ass tire)
  • Slam Ball (20# ball) – alternate slamming ball down, and pushing ball straight up in the air

At the end of each rotation, YHC called the following speedbump intermissions:

  • 1st speedbump – lunge walk to the parking lot island and back
  • 2nd speedbump – bear crawl to the island, lunge walk back

We finished 2 1/2 rotations before time was called.


  • Over Unders X 10 (IC)
  • Heels to Heaven X 10 (IC)
  • Crunchy Frogs X 10 (IC)
  • American Hammers X 10 (IC)


Moleskin & Announcements:

  • Great work by everyone. It is great to see a lot of exertion and elevated heart rates when there is no running in the workout. You all can #BlameShocker for him asking me to bring my non-running creativity. Hope you all enjoyed it!
  • TClaps and many thanks to Matlock for the great assortment of coupons today. The #ImplementsOfWoe kept the Pax working and a variety of painstations are always fun.
  • Keep our injured Pax in your thoughts and prayers and reach out to check on them.  We are all better together than we are apart. Remember there is no OYO in F3!
  • We have a special thing here in F3 – most of us have met and built relationships with men from all walks of life who we would have never known otherwise.  These relationships are an antidote to both Sad Clown Syndrome and male loneliness.

YHC took us out!

Thanks for the opportunity to Q.