• Monday November 13, 2023
  • 0530-0615
  • Latham Park
  • 35° F, 89% RH

Pax (8 with the Q)

Everest (Double Respect!), Huffy (Double Respect!), Amphibious, Huggies, Sandpiper, Saban, Hermie



No FNG’s present.

Disclaimer was disclaimed.

Mission was almost forgotten, then stated.


Slow mosey around parking lot

SSH x 15 IC

Imperial Walker x 15 IC

Sun Gods x 15 IC

Sun Gods Reverse x 15 IC

String Ripper x 12 IC


Circle up for:

Part 1

  • Howling Monkeys
    • Pax grab ankles like start of Monkey Humpers. 1st pax does 10 MH while others hold still. Next 2nd pax does 10, repeat all the way around.
  • Plank. 1st pax 10x Merkins. Repeat all the way around.
  • Circle Burp
    • Chop feet. 1st pax does one Burpee. Next does one burpee – all the way around the circle.
      • Next do this with high knees.
      • Next with SSH.

Part 2

Tabata Style. The timer is one pax running down the parking lot and back.

  1. Merkin
  2. Back Plank
  3. X’s and O’s
  4. Gorilla Humpers (Monkey Humper with wide stance)
  5. Run around circle as a group.
  6. Body Builder (Burpee + Plank Jack)
  7. Chinook Squat
  8. Low Slow Flutter
  9. Bobby Hurley
  10. Run around circle as a group.
  11. Air Chair (People’s chair + air clap)
  12. War Hammer (WW2 sit-up + 4 American Hammers SC)
  13. High Knees
  14. Mountain Climbers
  15. Run around circle as a group.

We got a round and a half or so in before calling Omaha for:

6 Minutes of Mary

  • Homer & Marge
  • Box Cutter
  • Freddie Mercury
  • American Hammer


  • Q source at Lawndale Panera every Monday at 0635. Bodett QIC
  • 2 pax (Nancy & Gunny) recently celebrated 9-year F3 anniversaries. Both were EH’ed by our very own Amphibious.


YHC took us out in a ball of man.

 The Moleskin

  • Everest & Etch-a-Sketch, thanks for the opportunity to lead this morning.
  • Amphibious, appreciate you and your wisdom this morning. I’m grateful to be a part of F3.

It was an honor to lead. Radiator – out!