Date: 10/17/2023

Weather: Clear skies, 45 degrees, perfect Boot Camp conditions!

PAX(27 total): Bootcampers (21) – Gunny, Viagra, Short Track, Matlock, Drizzle, Don’t Cha Know (War Daddy), Stretch, Saban!, Crawl Space, Blue Oyster, Gekko, 50cc, City Slicker, Fannie, Xerox, Settlement (War Baby), (Thee) Maneater, Ricola, Graffiti, 3 for 1, Wojo (QIC); Splinter Runners/Ruckers (6): Snowflake, Gilligan, Long Time, Scooby Doo, Sacked, Butt Fumble

The “Weekly Acceleration” is a pre-written F3 beatdown FROM F3 Foundation FOR the F3 PAX. During F3’s annual fundraising campaign, Accelerate, a total of FOUR (4) 3rd F themed workouts will be available October 16 thru  November 12 – one each week. Think of the “Weekly Acceleration” like Iron PAX Challenge + a charitable component.  Each beatdown will focus on the CHARITABLE IMPACT F3 is having across the country by highlighting a project supported  financially by F3 Foundation, but DRIVEN ENTIRELY by local PAX to change lives!  For F3 Greensboro, think about the great work we did with Beyond Sports and the “Recess in a Bag” project (on our own with no help from F3 Foundation), and Miracle Grow’s PDY&F Community Garden, which received an F3 Foundation Invigoration Grant last year. Check out an awesome video here:

On to the workout…

F3 Toledo: Mental Battle Retreat 

Welcome + Disclaimer: Cobains for not bringing you a Wojo original this morning, but when I saw that the new “Weekly Acceleration” workout from F3 Foundation and saw the emphasis on Men’s mental battle, this was a no brainer! Today’s beatdown is inspired by the men of F3 Toledo. They organized a challenge weekend where men in the community  could listen to speakers, engage in dialogue, physical activity, and learn about strategies to improve their mental health.  Along with the Pax of Toledo, the F3 Foundation provided financial backing for the event to make it possible.

Prior to the splinters leaving, I welcome everyone, provided the F3 Mission statement, reviewed the 5 F3 Core Principles and usual disclaimer. I emphasized that the theme of today’s workout is that there is No OYO in F3 and that we are better and stronger together!

We moseyed around the parking lot and then circled up for…   


  • SSH x20 IC 
  • MTN Climbers x20 IC 
  • LBC x20 IC 
  • String Rippers x20 IC 
  • Seal Claps x20 IC 

The Thang: 

Three different circuits today and the PAX were instructed to partner up, but change partners for each circuit. After each circuit, mosey to the parking lot light pole and back, then resume. The first two circuits were on the fenced basketball court, while the Partner PLANK circuit was on the playground mulch (#crowdpleaser).

PATTYCAKE Merkin (aka “Hand Slap Merkins”) Circuit: 

Merkin w/ PAX clap. 14 merkins represent the 14.3% of men who have a form of anxiety disorder. The 40 Mary  exercises represent the 40% of men who won’t talk about their mental health. 

  • 14 x Diamond Merkins 
  • 40 x Single Count Dying Cockroach 
  • 14 x Standard Merkins 
  • 40 x Single Count Low Slow Flutters 
  • 14 x Wide Merkins 
  • 40 x Single Count Heels to Heaven (raise feet to 90 degrees with legs straight and back down to an inch off the ground and repeat)

BROPEE Circuit: Synchronized Partner Burpee w/ a High 10, followed by Bro-Squats (back-to-back squats). 6 million men suffer from depression. We did 6 bropees to bring those struggles to light.  Lots of laughs and mumble chatter during this circuit. #uncoordinated 

  • 6 x Bropees 
  • 14 x Bro-Squats 
  • 6 x Bropees 
  • 14 x Bro-Squats 
  • 6 x Bropees 
  • 14 x Bro-Squats 

Partner PLANK circuit: Flapjack during first two sets. The 9-9-8 numbers represent the 998 Suicide and Crisis Hotline

  • 9 x Partner Plank Curls  (Pax1 Hold Plank and legs while Pax2 curl legs)
  • 9 x Partner Plank Shrugs  (Pax1 Hold Plank Pax2 Shrugs) 
  • 80-sec BEAR HOLD (4pts of contact knees slightly lifted) 

MARY (6 minutes): 

  • Over Unders X 20 IC
  • Freddie Mercury X 20 IC
  • American Hammer X 15 IC


CoT & Moleskin:

  • Good work today and appreciate the attention and grace over the facts and figures I shared throughout the workout. Everyone seemed to enjoy the different partner work, but maybe not the BEAR HOLD #crowdpleaser
  • Remember, there is NO OYO in F3. The workouts are great, but we need the 2nd F and 3rd F community. We are stronger and better together!
  • TClaps to those who shared this morning.
  • Here are some facts on Men’s mental health – reach out for help if you need it!
    • 6M+ men suffer from depression 
    • 14.3% of men have a form of anxiety disorder 
    • 2.9% of men have bipolar disorder 
    • 40% of Men Won’t Talk About Their Mental Health 
    • Text or call “998” if you’re in crisis 
    • 80% of all completed suicides in the U.S. are by men 
  • What can we do as a Pax?  
    • Express the importance of F2 & F3 collaboration. 
    • Encourage developing a shield lock and utilizing your shield lock for its purpose of covering and protecting our  fellow Pax. Leaving no man where you found him. 
    • Share local mental health resources. 
    • Support the F3 Foundation during the Accelerate campaign (Oct 16-Nov 12) to allow more PAX to make an impact on their community like the men in Toledo. No man can do it alone and the F3 Foundation is here to  partner with you. Here’s the link to make your gift/pledge:

Thanks for the opportunity to lead!