Date: 9/26/2023

AO: Arise

Mission: Our mission is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for men to invigorate male community leadership.

Disclaimer: I am not a Professional. It’s you versus you. These are merely suggestions do them at your own risk, up to not doing them at all.

Warm-a-Rama: Side straddle hops x15, then begin Mosey toward Guilford College. On the way Toy Soldiers, Karaokes (both directions), and starting up N. Spring St., Hillbillies x10, then up W.Friendly Avenue., stopped in front of ABC store, Dips x20 continuing up Wilson St with a gradual sprint, stopped at W. Market St., then just past College Place on the yard for the beatdown on the walking strip of the water fountain.

The Thing: 

Q explained each PAX member will do 4 Rounds of the beatdown; a gradual build of all exercises. Beginning at the bottom of the stairs with 1 Burpee – Round 1 includes going to all stations and completing the 1st exercises to all the stations. Then after the 4th station go around the water fountain doing 1 Burpee on the backside and come back down the bottom of the stairs to begin with Round 2 completing the 1st and 2nd exercises for all the stations; doing the same after the 4th station with 1 Burpee behind the water fountain. Round 3 includes completing three exercises and Round 4 (if you get there) completing all four exercises, but listen for the OMAHA!  This beatdown was designed not to finish but it’ll be a great workout regardless!

Station #1: Alt. Shoulder Taps x 15 IC, Crunchy Frogs x15 IC, Jump Squats x20, Hand Release Merkins x20  

Station #2: Monkey Humpers, Plank Jacks w/ Merkins x15, Box Cutters x20 IC, Copperhead Squats x20   

Station #3: Freddie Mercury’s x15 IC, Mike Tyson’s x10, WoJo Squats x20, Low Slow Flutter’s x20 IC

Station #4: Crab Cakes x15 IC, Imperial Squats x15 IC, Heel Touches x15 IC, Lunges x20 Station #5: Carolina Dry Docks x 5 IC, Lt. Dan’s x10 IC, Freddie Mercury’s x15 IC, Hand Release Merkins x20  

6MOM: Body Destroyers x10, Dying Cockroaches x10, and American Hammers x20

Name-o-Rama: Graffiti (RESPECT), Bruce Lee, Sandpiper, Luke Cage, Back Strape, Nancy – splitter runner, and FloJo QiC

COT: Announcements/Prayer led by FloJo!

“Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you find him!” I appreciate the opportunity to lead! 

God Bless,

Dale Slaughter, 43, FloJo 

#Salute #SYITG