Good morning Pax, at about 5:29 this morning we got together at Country park. We had a bicycle rider, joggers and ruckers and then we had boot campers.

Started out with two sand bags, a large 65 lb bag and a log about 70 lbs? We started and everyone had a coupon and if not suggested lunges or alligator crawls.

Stopped and traded to rows, presses, merkins of fire, Squats, sit ups with log, planks and hot potatoe with all coupons except the log.

At the end circle upper to Mary.

– flutter kicks

– box cutters

– homer and Marge

– Jitter bug took us out with American Hammers

Week of 9/11..Went to work with my Dad in NYC..SAW WTC GOING UP in the mid 1960’s, saw it on TV SAW IT falling down in 2001. Matlock noted we lost Sandy Bradshaw on that terrible day. I took us out with prayer. Thanks for allowing me to lead.

Pax- Xerox, Jitter bug, double check, recola, butt Fumble, sacked, radiator, big poppy, scooby, Gilligan, Norwood, Matlock, snowflake and Hall pass.