• Thursday September 7, 2023
• 0530-0615
• Jaycee Park
• 73°F, 84% Humidity

Pax (4 with the Q)
Robin Hood, Eggplant (Respect!), Blue Oyster (Respect!)


We began with the Mission Statement and the disclaimer. No FNGs this morning.

Warm-A- Rama
SSH x 15 IC
Moroccan Nightclub x 15 IC
Chinooks x 15 IC
String Rippers x 15 IC
Imperial Walkers x 15 IC
Stretching: Bend back with arms up, then down to touch your toes. Repeat x 3..

First man takes coupon and carries it down to the end point and back while the rest of pax AMRAPs the exercises below. Choose any coupon you like but take a different one each time. Before he leaves with the coupon, he leads the pax in side-straddle hops (or an alternate exercise of his choosing), while practicing proper cadence including the correct way to introduce the exercise. “The Next Exercise is _______……Starting Position…..Move!…In Cadence…..Exercise!” then calling the cadence. Practice makes perfect. This is also the cardio/rest period between sets.  A playlist of classic rock tunes accompanied the beatdown.

1. Merkin
2. Bicep Curl
3. Triceps Extension
4. Goblet Squat
5. Lateral Raises
6. Overhead Press

The coupons used:
Cinder blocks, 1 pair of 2
60# sandbag
5-gallon Jerry can (full of water)

• Hold plank for 60 seconds (each of 4 pax count to 15 around the circle)
• Alabama Prom Date x 15 IC
• Heel Touches x 20 IC
• Box cutter x 15 IC
• Freddie Mercury x 30 IC
• American Hammer x 1 IC

• Service project coming up Sept 23. Watch for a formal announcement.
• Nutrition challenge is ongoing and meets at 0630 in Fidelity’s parking lot next door to Starbucks on Green Valley.

YHC reminded the pax that the COT is a sacred part of the workout and is one of our Core Principles. What is said at the COT stays at the COT, but it is also a place for us to lean in and lean on our brothers for encouragement and support. Whatever your jester, whatever your struggle, there is a good chance one of your fellow pax has been there too and can offer support.
YHC took us out.

The Moleskin
• Shocker, hope you feel better soon brother.
• Honored to lead. The hardest part of your day is over!

Radiator – out!