This morning 8 of us got together for a beat down. I came with a white board, music and good cheer. I think it went well

Here is how it went: mission of F3. Without further delay warm a rama-Hillibilies, sun Gods, chillcuts, 7’s, Lt. Dan’s.

Walked with our weights. Then the Thang.

4×4’s, squats, flutter kicks, curls and partner push ups. 1 round, 2nd round, 3 round..

10 count. Then just 1 more round. Enough of that.

Mary onto box cutters, protractors,six inches, homer + marge and American Hammers.

We ended the fun with annocements, COT and i ended with a prayer

Shocker, Haz Mat, Propoly, Huffy, Eceh a Sketch, Ram and Bedford. Always a pleasure to Q. Get better Xerox. You are missed brother