Date: 6/20/2023

AO: Arise

Mission: Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Disclaimer: I am not a Professional, You VS You, these are merely suggestions.

Warm-a-Rama: Side straddle toe touches x12 IC, Sun Gods x12 IC, Windmills x12 IC (hold 3 counts each leg), Stretches right/left/middle x9 (hold for 3 counts) String Rippers x12 IC, Side Straddle hops x25 IC.

Mosey to the Friendly two-level parking deck “Dirtiest Parking Deck in Greensboro,” for refuge from drizzle and rain, but we will GET wet from sweat, lol!

Thing #1: Crazy 8:

Q directed PAX to one side of the parking deck along the wall to begin 1 Squatted Air Lift then jog to the opposite side and do 7 Jump Squats. Come back and then do 2 Squatted Air Lifts then jog to the opposite side and do 6 Jump Squats; continue the pattern until 7 Squated Air Lifts and 1 Jump Squat have been completed; Plank for the 6.

Thing #2: Suicide Grinder:

Q split the PAX evenly between 5 and 5. One group of 5 was directed to one end of the parking deck (to an orange cone) and the other group was directed to the opposite end (to an orange cone) There are 4 station cones with winkies distributed evenly across the parking deck.  In Suicide-style movement from both ends of the parking deck, each MAN or PAX will go at his own pace. Do 1 Burpee then jog to the 1st station cone complete all exercises, then switch back toward the start. Do 1 Burpee and jog to the 2nd station cone complete all exercises, then switch back toward the start. Do 1 Burpee and so on until completing all station cones. After the 4th station cone is complete walk to the nearest end; at this point each man or PAX is at the opposite end of the parking deck. Rinse and repeat starting with 1 Burpee and then jog to now the 1st station cone (which was just the 4th station cone). Continue until “OMAHA”!


Station Cone: Freddie Mercuries x20 IC, Mike Tyson’s x10, WoJo Squats x20, Low Slow Flutters x20 IC

Station Cone: Alt. Shoulder Taps x15 IC, Crunchy Frogs x15 IC, Jump Squats x20, Hand Release Merkins x20

Station Cone: Crab Cakes x15 IC, Imperial Squats x15 IC, Heel Touches x15 IC, Lunges x20 (each leg)

Station Cone: Monkey Humpers x10 IC, Plank Jacks w/Merkin x15, Box Cutters x20 IC, Copperhead Squats x20

Q called “OMAHA” at approximately 6:05 and all PAX walked toward the end of the parking deck toward the shovel flag. Q asked 1 PAX member for a 10 count and then Q led PAX back to shovel flag with a slow mosey.

6MOM: Body destroyers x10 IC, LBC’s x10 IC, Dying Cockroaches x15 IC, and American Hammers x20 IC.

Name-o-Rama: Sandpiper, Nancy, Golden Corral, Akuna Matata, Everest (DOUBLE RESPECT), Tesla, Hot Pants, City Slicker (RESPECT), Graffiti (RESPECT), and FloJo!

COT: Announcements/Prayer led by FloJo!

“Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you find him!” I appreciate the opportunity to lead! 

God Bless,

Dale Slaughter, 43, FloJo 

#Salute #SYITG