Wednesday 530 am. I contacted butt fumble nd volunteered to Q.  Overcast but warm, of course dark.

Pledge of Alligence, mosey to church parking lot. Started out, sun Gods, hillbillies, lunge right, lunge left, Lt Dan’s and ended with 7’s.

Thang, we proceeded to Patio.Counted off, not our strong suit but we did it. 1/2, 1/2….1 on wall, 2 on bricks.

1) wall sit, 2) step ups. 1) squats, 2) monkey humpers. 1) dips, 2) ascending testicles. 1) declined Merkins, 2) wall push All with CLASSIC ROCK ON PANDORA.

Ring of fire, feet up, on your six, each stands up, runs around pushing feet down. Last mountain climbers to Mary.

Mosey to flag. Marge, homer, box cutters, to heels ending with American hammers. Always a pleasure. One FNG, HERE’S WHO SHOWED UP: XEROX *, Stick shift, snow flake, white lightning, Gilligan, big papi, Radiator *, Ramseus, double check, gunny, stretch, STP, Jitter bug *, FNG AKA JELLYSTONE, Norwood, Peeping Tom, one & done, Scooby due, silicone, phoenix and Grafiddy. * Over 60 years old.

Thank you for allowing me to lead. Always a pleasure. Ball a man and out with a prayer to our God.