5/24/2023, 55*, overcast, 66% humidity, a nice fall day in late May


Bootcampers:  Fanny, Fanny Pack, Sugar Cake (respect), Scooby Doo (respect), Big Papi, Silicone (respect), Ricola, Ozone, Blowout (Q and YHC)

Runners: Norwood, Gilligan

Ruckers:  Radiator (respect), Sacked (respect), STP, Snowflake (respect), Phoenix (respect)


Run from the Shovel Flag to the Red Gate

The Basics:  20 IC SSH, 20 IC Sun Gods, 15 IC String Rippers


The basic pattern is two dudes walk with cinderblocks.  The rest of the gang runs to the next spot and does the exercise until the blocks arrive.  Switch block carriers, and go to the next spot.  Each segment is about 1/10th of a mile.

First Stop:  Park Road Intersection, Burpees

Second Stop:  Head Toward Lawndale Gate, the Spot Where the Cut-Through Trail Starts, Lt Dans

Third Stop:  The End of the Cut Through Trail, Imperial Squat Walkers

Fourth Stop:  The Fishing Dock, Merkins

Fifth Stop:  Across the Berm, Up the Hill to the Park Road, Plank Jacks

Sixth Stop:  The Bench on the Park Road, Squats

(Making good time, Audible called to attack Wicked’s Hill.)

Seventh Stop:  Wicked’s Hill, Burpees

(Blowout made an awkward speech about his favorite tree.)

Eighth Stop:  Dumpsters, Angle/Ankle Grinders.

Ninth Stop:  Red Gate, Merkins.

Wrap It Up

Run to Tennis Center Wall.

Wall Sits, Each Pax Does a Burpee as a counter (twice)

Balls-to-the-Wall, Same Burpee Thing

To the Flag.  Freddys and American Hammers


Reminder about Memorial Day Weekend activities.

Reminder that we are blessed to have the things we consider burdens.