Pax:  Office Max, Snow White, Fore, Windmill, Walberg, Dispatch, Gridlock, The King, Ding Dong, Tommy Boy, Flat Rate, Xerox, Crash, Al Dula (Q)

When I saw the Site Q put our the call for a Q, I jumped at the op, cause I haven’t been to CT in a while (like 2+ yrs!) and needed to get a Q in the books and a beat down.

Warm O

Started with some SSH’s, then some String Rippers and then moseyed to the bottom of the parking lot where we recovered as we entered Country Park for the THANG!

The Thang

2 man grinder work out.  From a central station, at the intersection of the road coming down the hill from Jaycee Park and intersects the road that goes around the lake, we picked partners.  The exercises at the HUB, or top at intersection were,

200 Carolina Dry Docks

200 Lunges

200 Lil Baby Crunches

One person from each team of 2 starts the first exercise (Carolina Dry Docks) while his partner runs to the bottom of the hill (going clockwise around the lake) and does 10 Flutter Kicks IC and returns to relieve his partner who give the count for how many Car Dry Docks he’s done so far.  His partner continues the pursuit of 200 Car Dry Docks… 2nd partner runs to the bottom of the hill and does 10 Flutter Kicks IC and returns.

Once the team of 2 completes the 200 Car Dry Docks, they start on the 200 lunges.  1 stays at the HUB to do these and the other runs the opposite direction down the hill -counter clockwise around the lake- to aprox where the old road sign was that someone removed- and does 10 squats, and then runs back to relieve his partner who tells him how many lunges he’s done so far.  After they complete the 200 lunges as a team, then move to the runner going

Up the hill toward the fence at Jaycee Park , and at the marked spot stops and does 10 SSH’s and returns to see how may Little Baby Crunches his partner has done.  He gets the count (for ex 35, and then continues Lil Baby Crunches while his partner runs up the hill to the mark to do 10 SSH’s.

Almost everyone completed all 600 exercises before OMAHA was called.  Then we all moseyed to Jaycee Park and formed up for an indian run back to the Flag.

About 4/5 of the way there, Snow White yelled Jail Break!  And about 1/2 the group started breaking.  I thought I had them all licked but Office Max caught up with me just before the flag and edged me out.  Dang his hide!

It was a good time.  We burned about 380 Calories (Garmin) and got in 2 miles of running/travel.

Mary was The American Hammer!  Let Freedom Ring!

Announcements: Black Beard CSAUP is this coming Sat at Jaycee Park -Cornwallis Nightmare host-, Memorial Day is the Murph at Jesse Wharton Elem at 530.

COT: We were taken out by Office Max.  Aye!