Date:  Thursday, May 4th, 2023

AO:  Inkwell

Started @ 5:30 AM, Welcomed the Pax, stated the mission, and the disclaimer then got down to business!

Warm-A-Rama: Sun-Gods x10 IC frontward and backward x10 IC, Imperial Walkers x 10IC, Hillbillies x10IC, Windmills 3 second hold x3 positions, Inch Worm x 5 w/ Merkins x 5.

The Thang: Q guided the PAX to the back parking lot for the BEATDOWN! Once there the PAX ran around the parking lot pointing out cones/stations and then circled up to complete Warm-a-Rama with 25 SSH’s IC. The Q had Pax number “1-2” creating five groups of two and YHQ filling the last group totaling six. The Q directed the groups to the same numbered stations; 1-6. The Q stated once at the destinated station complete all exercises and then go to the next session chronologically. Rinse and Repeat until “OMAHA”!

1st Station: Merkins x 25, Squats x 20, LBC’s x15 IC, Plank Jacks x 10 IC  

2nd Station:  Jump Squats x25, Lunges x20 (10 each leg), Lt. Dan’s x15, Calf Raises x10  

3rd Station: Ranger Merkins x25, Shoulder Taps x20, Carolina Dry Docks x15, Werkins x10 

4th Station: Low Slow Flutters x25, Low Slow Dollies x20, Freddy Mercuries x15, E2K x10 (5 each leg)  

5th Station: Run around parking lot & back to #5 then Toy Soldier to #6 station

6th Station: SSH’s x25, Superman’s (flight/release) x20, Dying Cockroaches x15 IC, Peter Parkers x10 IC

The PAX finished the cycle at least once before Q called OMAHA, retrieved all winkies, did a 10-count cooldown, and led PAX with a mosey back to shuffle flag.

6MOM: Body Destroyers x 15 IC, Crunchy Frogs x15 IC, American Hammer x10 IC

Name-O-Rama: Boy Wonder (RESPECT), Maneater, Gekko, Phoenix (RESPECT), Wojo (RESPECT), Stretch (RESPECT), Hazmat (Double RESPECT), City Slicker (RESPECT), Akron, Saban, Nomex, 50 CC’s (RESPECT), Fannie, Bruce Lee, Tommy Boy, and FloJo on the QIC  

COT: Shovel Flag official handoff – from Site Q – BoyWonder to new Site Q FloJo/Speech led and inspired by Bruce Lee -F1 officer announcing Tclapps to BoyWonder “the entrepreneur” creating the deal, maintaining the deal and now passing the deal!! TommyBoy gifted a wooden token of appreciation and site Q’s from Sweat Angel & Hobble-n-Gobble plus special love from “The Nantan-Cadre” Akron and the PAX to continue supporting the next Inkwell Site Q! Prayer (Ball-o-Man) led by FloJo.

“Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you find him!” I appreciate the opportunity to lead  INKWELL as the new Site Q!”  

God Bless,