Four Corners at Fenceline (or Dice Under the Lights)

  • Tuesday May 9, 2023
  • 0530-0615
  • Irving Park Elementary School
  • 65° F, 78% RH

Pax (8 with the Q)


Pity the Fool (Respect!), Steely Dan, Ricola, Fanny Pack

Splinter Ruckers:

Butt Fumble, Gilligan, Drizzle (Respect!)l




No FNG’s present.

Mission was stated.

Disclaimer was disclaimed



SSH x 16 IC

Sun Gods x 13 IC

Sun Gods Reverse x 15 IC

Imperial Walker x 15 IC

Stretch – touch your toes



Today we used three dice. Two of one color and the third of a different color. Each man took a turn and threw all three. The single die was the exercise (see below). The matched pair = number of reps. We added 10 to this number. The dice thrower picked in cadence or single count and led the count.

Slow mosey to the streetlight at the corner of Cornwallis & Hamilton. Each pax threw the dice one time at each stop. After all had a turn, slow mosey to the next corner streetlight at Country Club/Hamilton & Sunset. Rinse & repeat then slow mosey to the third corner streetlight at Sunset & Dellwood. And again to the streetlight at Dellwood & Cornwallis. Lots of 2’s and 6’s were thrown, for some reason.

  1. Monkey humpers
  2. Merkins
  3. Squats
  4. Plank Jacks
  5. WW2 sit-ups
  6. Wide Merkins

6 Minutes of Mary

  • Low Slow Flutters with arms straight out x 15 IC
  • Crunchy Frog x 15 IC
  • Ballerina x 15 IC
  • American Hammer x 6 IC


  • Saturday May 13 Community Housing Solutions Work Day. Starts at 9. Located on Meadowview Road in Greensboro. See Shenanigans for more info.
  • Tuesday morning book / bible study at Search 6:30am.
  • See Butt Fumble to get plugged in as a volunteer for WyldLife. This is a program for middle schools, modeled after Young Life in high school. Will be starting this fall.


YHC took us out.

 The Moleskin

  • Thanks for the opportunity to lead Pity!

It was an honor. Radiator – out!