Date: March 30, 2023

Weather: Clear skies, 39 degrees – perfect workout conditions!

PAX (7): Etch-A-Sketch, Crash, Huffy, Pity-the-Fool, Shocker, Papale (former FNG Dwayne Lindner), Wojo (QIC)

Playlist: Wojo’s running mix

I’ll start by saying that it takes a lot of effort for me to come up with a workout that has no running. When you combine this with being down & out with a cold/cough for several days – the creativity can suffer! Luckily, Shocker is a kind and benevolent Site Q who gave me until yesterday to confirm my Q commitment, which coincided with me finally feeling better. The result, I hope, was a suitable #DRP for the Magnificent 7 who posted this morning! #funishment

With an FNG posting today (thanks for the head’s up there, Shocker), YHC made sure to offer the introduction, full mission statement and goal for today – to get better and not get hurt. Always listen to your body and modify as necessary! Also, don’t worry about the silly/weird/dumb exercise names.

Since there is no running @F3gsoSweatAngel, there was nowhere to mosey to, so we got busy where we stood!


  • Imperial Walkers X 12 IC
  • Sun Gods (forward) X 12 IC (tie fighter style)
  • Chinooks X 12 IC (tie fighter style)
  • Seal Claps X 12 IC (tie fighter style)
  • Sun Gods (backward) X 12 IC (tie fighter style)
  • String Rippers X 12 IC
  • Abe Vigoda Windmills X 12 IC
  • Lucky 7s (regular merkin, werkin, diamond merkin)
  • Side Straddle Hop X 12 IC


Today’s effort involved 4 stations with a hub in the middle – two stations for dumbbell work and two for body weight. Dumbbells placed at stations prior to starting. Preference is for an even number at each station as there are some partner exercises. Do the first exercise at a station (up to 20 reps) then move to next station in the called for fashion. Once completing one exercise at each station (4 exercises total), lunge walk to the hub for 3 burpees, then lunge walk back to same station and start round 2 (second exercise at each station). Repeato until all four rounds (with lunge walks & burpees) complete.

Station 1 – body weight (up to 20 reps/exercise – modify as needed)

  • Hand Release Merkins
  • Power Merkins (with partner) – partner A planks with his legs on partner B. Partner B merkins. #crowdpleaser
  • Carolina Dry Docks
  • Partner Derkins – partner a merkins with legs on partner B, who is planking. #minicrowdpleaser

– After completing exercise, bear crawl to Station 2 –

Station 2 – Dumbbells (up to 20 reps/exercise)

  • Squat Press/Thrust
  • Lt. Dans
  • Good Mornings
  • Dumbbell Swings

– After completing exercise, broad jump to Station 3 –

Station 3 – body weight (up to 20 reps)

  • Partner WWII Sit Ups
  • Crab Cakes IC
  • Box Cutter IC
  • Low Slow Flutters IC

– After completing exercise, crawl bear to Station 4 –

Station 4 – Dumbbells (up to 20 reps)

  • Curls
  • Front Raise
  • Skull Crushers/Triceps Kick Backs
  • Bent Over Rows

– After completing exercise, crab walk to Station 1 –

The timing was nearly perfect as we were all able to complete all four exercises at each station. There may or may not have been a burpee set shorted at the end…


Freddie Mercury X 12 IC

American Hammer X 5 IC


Naked Man Moleskin & Announcements

  • Solid work on the EC run, Etch-A-Sketch & Huffy. It’s been a good while since I’ve seen either of you so thanks for coming out!
  • Credit to F3 Winston-Salem’s Starfish for the Power Merkins. Those are not real fun and 20 of them is a little much, but Crash LOVES them!
  • Nice to see guys modifying both exercises and the between-station movements. Listen to your body!
  • Dewayne, er Papale, good to meet you and thank you for coming out today! Hope this morning was the first of many workouts together!
  • Q School starts tomorrow at Uptown Funk and continues Saturday at Rainbow Dash and then at Coffeeteria. Come out and get better!
  • Coffee after the workout at Green Joe’s, which we had to modify to Starbucks because Joe was still asleep and 6:25!

Always and honor and a privilege to Q. Thanks again, Shocker!