Date: 3/16/2023

Weather: 39-40 degrees

PAX (15): Maneater, HazMat (War Daddy), Refi, Hermey, Quick Draw (War Baby), Explosion. Volvo, Crawlspace, Drizzle, Norwood, Nancy, Golden Corral, Demo, Graffiti, Wojo (QIC)

A fast PAX assembled on the Lindley Park basketball court this morning for the weekly stampede of the horses through Starmount. And as I am currently NOT running at a fast pace, the key is choosing a workout that is challenging for everyone, regardless of speed & stamina.

After bringing the PAX to order and welcoming Volvo back from Germany and Demo from the fartsack, the F3 mission and disclaimer were offered and we got to work.


  • Side Straddle Hops X 15 IC
  • Imperial Walkers X 15 IC
  • Abe Vigoda Windmills X 12 IC (super slowsy)
  • String Rippers X 12 IC

Warm-up mosey from the basketball court, to Starmount Drive, and down Starmount to Knollwood. Pick up the six & Switzer for further instructions…


Today’s effort called for running at a comfortable pace and then learning to recognize and repeat what that pace feels like. Being able to recognize and go to a specific pace when running comfortably is translatable to then doing the same thing at faster and race paces. In other words, being able to feel pace allows us to become stronger and faster runners.

With Pace Poker, the goal is to run 3 of a kind over 3 miles. I set up a mile loop and the PAX were instructed to run the first loop at that comfortable pace, whatever that is. Stop your watch and check the pace at the end of the mile. Here is the loop from Knollwood/Starmount Dr. intersection:

  • Up Knollwood Dr.
  • Right on Madison Ave.
  • Right on Forestdale Dr.
  • Right on Starmount Dr. to Knollwood

For the second and third loops, do not check your watch. when we are done, check how similar your mileage paces are. If you got three of a kind (mileage times same or very similar), you’re a winner!

Fast Pax circled back for the 6 at the completion of each loop and standing 10 counts were offered.

In the interest of time, we modified the third loop and turned left on Starmount off of Forestdale and stopped at Beverly Place. We moseyed as a group back to the shovel flag.


  • Body Destroyers X 15 IC
  • American Hammers X 15 IC

Moleskin & Announcements

  • Welcome back Kotters to Volvo and Demo today. Volvo works with Explosion and visits the US from Germany around once per year. He is hoping it is warmer next year! Demo has been out about a year, but has broken loose from the fartsack! Great to have both of you today.
  • Keep Vader (Nancy’s 2.0) in your prayers as he deals with a 2nd concussion.
  • Keep Kate (my 2.o) in your prayers as her juvenile arthritis is active again after 5ish years.
  • Prayers for Starfish (Drew Dixon) from F3 Winston-Salem on the sudden passing of his second oldest son last week.
  • The F3 Greensboro Palmetto 200 team is looking for 2 runners. Race is next week – March 24 & 25. Get with Refi or Explosion if you want to join them. (they called me so ANY pace is welcome and mileage is negotiable)!
  • F3 Greensboro Q School is Friday, March 31 (Uptown Funk AO) and Saturday, April 1 (Rainbow Dash AO) and Saturday coffeeteria. All are welcome as Q and leadership skills will definitely improve!

Thanks, Quick Draw, for the opportunity to lead today!