Date: 3/11/23

Weather: 39 and damp, light breeze

PAX: Runners (6) – Xerox, Jitterbug, Drizzle, JayHawk, Amicus, Flight Attendant;  Bootcampers (16): Akron, Don’t Cha Know, HazMat, Sacked, On-Time, Windmill (War Daddy), Heimlich, Ozone, Muggsy, DC, Ledecky (War Baby), Kilt, Scooby Doo, Tommy Boy, B-Roll, Wojo (QIC)

What a day for Greensboro – the ACC Tournament in town for the 29th time and it’s reenactment weekend for the Battle of Guilford Courthouse (the 242nd anniversary of Cornwallis’ pyrrhic nightmare of a victory)! So what better way to commemorate this dual special occasion than with a battlefield-basketball mashup! Perhaps your Q was a little TOO excited about this opportunity.

An awesome mix of boot campers and scardy cats (err, runners) assembled at the shovel flags (there were 3 today. YHC welcomed the PAX and offered the mission of F3 and appropriate disclaimer. Some chirpy mumblechatter from a former Nan’tan led to some quick action from your Q.

Slaughter Starter – 20 burpees on your own

With the mumblechatter at least temporarily silenced as the PAX was pre-maturely smoked, we moseyed from the shovel flag to the middle of the parking lot for the…


  • Side Straddle Hops X 15 IC
  • Sun Gods, Tie Fighter Style X 15 IC – forward, then backward (switch legs)
  • Abe Vigoda Windmills X 15 IC
  • String Rippers X 15 IC
  • Imperial Walkers X 15 IC


There were several parts to the today’s #funishment. With the excitement of the day, as usual, I overscheduled our work and had to adapt accordingly. Blame the Q-drenaline!

Mosey from the parking area through the gate and into Country Park. At the main T-intersection, turn right and stop at the beautifully steep, wet and muddy hill.

Thang Part I – The Denali Hill – Jacob’s Ladder

Squats at the top of the hill, merkins at the bottom. The number was 15 (1 squat at top, 14 merkins at bottom. Repeato until 15 squats at the top and 1 merkin at the bottom.  The Pax were smoked by the halfway mark and/or were distracted by STP (or was it General Greene), who walked over in full reenactment battle gear, complete with bayonet. I think I heard STP threatening to run through anyone who was not working hard enough! Tommy Boy was ready to leave.

The 15 reps represented March 15, the official anniversary of the Battle of Guilford Courthouse.

Thang Part 2 – Tunnel of Love

Since the PAX were huffing and puffing on Denali, YHC gave the PAX relief in the form of 2 Tunnel of Love circuits at the bottom of the hill. Nothing like low crawling under your brothers on wet, muddy ground. And what Q doesn’t love the collective GROAN from the PAX when you call an exercise the guys just HATE!! Gotta do hard stuff to get better, right?

Mosey back up to toward the main Country Park gate for the next section…

Thang Part 3 – The Cannon Ball Run

PAX divides into teams of 3 (or 4) for a Grinder. Each team has a Drago Cannonball, which never stops moving. Start with one Pax at station 1 with Pax 2 & 3 running down the hill to station 2. Pax #2 stays & Pax 3 runs back to station 1. AMRAP until relieved, continue the conveyer until YHC calls time.

Station 1 – CANNON

  • C – Copperhead Squats
  • A – Air Squared
  • N – No Surrender (Prisoner Get-Ups)
  • N – Nolan Ryan
  • O – Obama
  • N – Newton’s Cradle

Station  2 – BATTLE

  • B – Burpees
  • A – Alternating Shoulder Taps
  • T – T-Bar Merkins
  • T – Tempo Merkins
  • L – Lunges
  • E – E2K (10/side, switch)

It was time to move 200+ years ahead as it was time to celebrate Tournament Town. But first, a history lesson. After a 2.5 hour battle where Cornwallis lost 25% of his men, General Greene withdrew his men to avoid further losses. Cornwallis limped to his supply base in Wilmington to rest and re-arm. They were never the same. We withdrew back to the 21st century!

Double Applesauce Native American Run from Country Park Gate to Basketball Court.

Thang Part 4 – Make It, Take It

PAX were asked an ACC Tournament trivia question. If the answer was correct, the PAX got to shoot. If he makes the shot, he calls the exercise. If the PAX misses the question OR the shot, your Q gets to administer a suicide/transition level punishment.

The PAX answered 2, maybe 3 questions correctly and made only 1 shot. At least we got our sprints in!

That. Was. Terrible.

Mosey back to the shovel flags.


  • American Hammers X 15 IC


Moleskin & Announcements

  • The work was hard, but fun was had by all. That’s always my goal for a Q, but I usually have too much planned for the time we have. Today was no exception. Sorry for cutting several of the Thang parts short!
  • TClaps to Scooby Doo & Drizzle who were at the Coliseum late Friday night watching UVA win, but were on time for the workout or run.
  • DC – keep showing up buddy. We want you here and you will get better. Kilt! Thanks for being the sunshine bazooka of encouragement – we needed it today.
  • B-Roll – thanks for coming and videoing the workout today. Hope I didn’t break your mic! Need to get you out from behind that camera next time! We appreciate all you do!
  • Q School is coming up – Friday, March 31 at Uptown Funk and Saturday, April 1 at Rainbow Dash, followed by coffeeteria. Come for both days and all three sessions if you can, but come to any of it if your time is limited. Great opportunity to learn and get better.
  • Community Housing Solution work day starts at 8:30 – see Twitter, Shenanigans or Slack for address. Grab coffee and breakfast and get over there. Join the Rainbow Dashers at Brown Gardiner if you want.
  • On-Time with the Q next week.

Thanks for the opportunity to Q!