Date: Thursday, March 9, 2023

AO: The Inkwell

QiC: Boy Wonder

PAX: Flo Jo, Boy Wonder


Mosey to track, Imperial Walkers, Hillbillies, Toy Soldiers, String Rippers, modified Abe Vigodas, Sun Gods, Chinooks


The Thang:

Three exercise circuit with one (1/4 mi) lap in between

Circuit 1: Jump Sumo Squats (10 SC), Mountain Climbers (15 IC), T-Raises/Extra Wide Merkins (10 SC)

Perform 3X; Run 1 Lap


Circuit 2: High Knees to Double Burpee Combo (1o IC, 2 Burpees)

No rest in between; Run 1 Lap


Circuit 3: Inchworm to Carolina Dry Dock (10 SC), Side Plank Hip Raises (15 each side), Rollover Crunches (10 SC)

Mosey back to shovel flag



High Dollys, Low Slow Flutter, E2K, American Hammers (all 10 IC)



Recruiting Q’s for AO, prayers for each other and PAX