Date: 2/28/23

Weather: about 53 degrees

Pax: JWoww, Awkward, Drizzle, Blowout, Xerox, Huggies, DQ, Amicus, Jellybean, Jitterbug, Go Blue, Jiggles, CJ, Flamingo, Red Dragon, Flight Attendant, JHawk, Bobby Knight, Stick Shift, Norwood (Q)

Evil Beaver!!! That was the battle cry shared between two friends in another life. Sadly, a recent fatal car crash ended the life of one of those friends, Will Price. Norwood thanks the pax for their support during a difficult time and allowing for a little levity during the workout this morning to honor a HIM they never met.

Pax separated into two groups for Indian runs in opposite directions on the track. As the groups passed each other, a friendly “evil beaver” served as a brotherly acknowledgement.  After two laps, the pax circled up for a few stretches.

The Thang:
As a recent marathon finisher, Norwood learned the value of “reverse splits”. Over two miles (8 laps) the pax were asked to increase speed with each lap. This requires foresight and self awareness. Did the pax start out slow enough to account for the increased speed later? The pax also were encouraged to bellow “evil beaver” as a cry of solidarity to pax directly opposite them on the track.

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